Burning Desire

Some more mediocre poetry😀 (photo from wiki commons)


I Burn…

I burn…

…not with the gentle flicker

of the fireside warmth,

but with the rage of a wildfire,

consuming everything in its path .

I burn…

…to be filled,

with a hand around my throat.

…to surrender

to another’s desires.

…to explore

the dark inside my mind.

I burn.

Looking Forward

Word for Wednesday #34 and Wicked Wednesday #36


This week’s word – Reflection –

1. A reflecting or being reflected

2. The throwing back by a surface of sound, light, heat, etc.

3. Anything reflected; specif., an image; likeness

4. a. The fixing of the mind on some subject; serious thought; contemplation

b. The result of such thought; idea or conclusion, esp. if expressed in words

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and journal writing lately, trying to keep track of how I’m feeling. I’ve also been meeting once week with a member of what is called the Home treatment team. It’s basically a group of counsellors and therapists led by a psychiatrist you can be referred to by your GP. We’re pretty lucky down here to have it, many places don’t have anything like this. After several weeks of questions and talking I’m now due to be assessed and then we’ll go over a treatment plan.

After months of feeling like shit I am feeling a bit more positive about things, I still feel numb and empty but not quite as hopeless. I’ve started thinking about what I want to do over the next few months which is another step in the right direction. The only problem now will be actually having the motivation and energy to go through with things.

Not very wicked I know but I have a photo😉


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