Always You

Wicked Wednesday #1

The Ferrari stopped and the tinted window opened to reveal…you.

It’s always you in my fantasies now. Gone are the faceless entities of my previous life.

Although I can’t see you in a Ferrari somehow, maybe it’s because I’m not impressed by Ferraris or Lamborghinis or any other sports car. It’s like that old joke about the difference between a Porsche and a hedgehog. I think cars like that are usually driven by men who feel inadequate in some way.

In my fantasies I feel the way I did ten years ago, sexy and confident, I could still wear high heels, my body didn’t hurt and I could still have orgasms easily.

In my fantasies it’s your mouth, your hands that tease and torment me.

It’s you who bends me over and spanks me, your belt that leaves the marks and bruises. It’s you who holds me by the hair, your cock in my mouth.

It’s you who pins me down, who fucks me, who calls me whore, slut, fucktoy.

It’s your hand over my mouth, your cock in my cunt, up my arse.

It’s you who uses the blindfold, the vibrator, the clamps on me.

It’s you who whispers in my ear, telling me your fantasies.

And the best thing about all of this?

It’s no longer a fantasy.

(It also gives me an excuse to post another photo – me in my Ferrari red bra 🙂 )


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