Monogamy #Wicked Wednesday

I started writing this post and realised I hadn’t really tackled the prompt, I’d gone off into the history of my sex life and relationships and barely mentioned monogamy. So I’ve saved that one for another day 🙂

I’ve always thought of myself as monogamous, although I realise now that it’s more complicated than I thought. My current relationship is monogamous although the subject of having other people join in has come up on more than one occasion, it probably will again. As to whether it goes further than just talking about? Who knows. And if it does happen, whether it’s a one off or becomes a regular thing, with the same person (or people). You see? Complicated.

I like only having one person to think about, to get to know what they like, for them to get to know what I like, to talk about things, to share stuff. It’s a bit of a novelty for me as I’ve managed to get to this stage in my life without ever having what I consider to be a ‘proper’ relationship. One where you actually talk to each other, spend time together. And it’s not just about the sex, we talk about everything, we watch crappy TV, cook for each other, share our books. I’ve never had that before. I came across this on Facebook


This is what I have now.

And I have the added bonus that at last I have found someone who wants to tie me up 🙂

edited sepia

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15 thoughts on “Monogamy #Wicked Wednesday

  1. I love that I have found that person too who I can talk to about everything and anything from the funny and silly to the serious and important. It is a wonderful thing to find in another person


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    1. It really is. I’ve only had maybe three or four people who ever really understood me properly and none of them could ever have been anything more than just friends. I’m just thankful to have finally met someone who can be more than just a friend.


  2. I’ve seen that meme before and I am so with that shit. What’s up or how are you is the kiss of death for a conversation with me. I’m too socially awkward for pleasantries.

    Although, I’ll ask D “how are you” to be polite. He mostly answers with “ugh” or “tired” though.

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  3. We spend hours just being lost in each other, sometimes big deep conversation sometimes not needing to say anything.
    We spoke for about a year before we started meeting others but we were still only FWB’s at that point. I have big confidence issues so I think for now we’ll only bring people whilst we’re together but who knows what may happen in the future when we’re more secure with ourselves and our relationship.

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    1. I don’t know if we’ll ever get to the stage of bringing others in. We don’t have very much time to ourselves anyway and having been together for such a short time I don’t want to take any chances 🙂
      I understand totally about the confidence issues, I’m getting better but it’s not easy. Like you say who knows what the future holds. I’m just enjoying what I have now.


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