Make Me

After my girlie post for Wicked Wednesday I thought I’d share something a bit less  soppy 🙂

Sometimes I’m not a very good submissive. I’ve been on my own for a long time, doing everything by myself. Sometimes I also have problems accepting that someone could really love me. Accept me for who I am and not want to change things about me. Sometimes I get in a contrary mood, especially if I’ve had a glass or two of wine. I don’t get drunk anymore but the odd time two glasses is enough to make me bratty. Then again sometimes I don’t even need to have had a drink, some days I just need to push.

Make Me

We’re lying sprawled across the bed, I’m pinned down by your weight. One arm underneath me, the other underneath you. You have one hand wrapped in my hair and the other one around my throat. Your leg between mine, rubbing against my cunt, wet from my juices, you cock hard against my leg as you whisper in my ear. ‘Why do you try and fight me? You know you can’t win.’ I know I can’t, for fuck sake, you’re bigger than me. Stronger than me. But sometimes I have to fight, to make you make me submit. ‘You know I’m going to get what I want in the end.’ I know you will but that still doesn’t stop me wriggling around under you. Your hand tightens on my throat. Not enough to cut off my harsh breathing but enough for me to feel how easily you could. If you wanted to. ‘I always get what I want. You’re mine to use in any way I want to.’ I know these things but still I know I can’t just give in to you. Your hand moves from my throat to my tit, stroking, teasing my nipple, making me moan. ‘This is mine.’ As you lower you head, licking, sucking, squeezing, pinching until I can’t think straight. Your hand travels further down my body as you kiss my mouth, ‘This is mine.’ Stroking my stomach, my thighs. ‘This is mine.’ As you slide your fingers along my clit and into my cunt, your palm against me, kneading me, squeezing me. ‘All of you is mine.’

‘Please.’ I whisper. As your cock slides inside me, filling me, completing me. All of me is yours as I finally submit to you.

I crave your dominance of me, it is primal, visceral. As urgent to me as breathing. But sometimes I need you to prove yourself. Make me.

Make Me

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