Masturbation Monday

I’ve been debating with myself whether to join in with this or not. Mainly because I’m a bit worried about sharing my stories, but what the fuck. And the first anniversary of Masturbation Monday seems as good a time as any.

Three’s Company – part one

I was standing in the kitchen staring out at the darkness. I didn’t hear her come in, didn’t notice her until I saw her reflection in the window. I bit my lip as she kissed the back of my neck, running her hands up my back and around to grab my tits. “Put your hands on the worktop.” I felt the heat between my legs as her hand slipped under my skirt, felt my cunt getting wet. My stomach flipped as her hand reached the top of my stockings and she murmured in approval as she stroked my bare thigh. I still don’t know why I’d chosen the dress and stockings, I was wearing heels too, I never wear clothes like that. I gasped as her hand slid across my stomach and she pulled me against her. “I want to fuck you.” She whispered in my ear. I moaned as she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of my knickers, pulling them down over my hips, sliding them down my legs. “Take them off and give them to me.” I stepped out of them and handed them to her. “Open your mouth.” She stuffed my knickers into my mouth, I could taste myself on them. Her hands went back under my skirt, lifting it up, the soft silk of her dress against my bare arse making me wetter as she rubbed against me. Her hands travelled up my body and she grabbed my tits, squeezing my nipples through the thin fabric of my dress as I ground my arse against her. “I’ve been watching you…” one hand moving slowly down my body. “…imagining what I’d do to you…” her hand slipped between my legs, fingers sliding across my clit making me moan again. “…if I got you alone…” she slid her fingers inside me, “…touching you, fucking you…” I cried out as my cunt tightened around her fingers, pulsating as I came, my juices running down her hand “…making you come.” She pulled my knickers from my mouth and replaced them with her wet fingers, I licked and sucked my come from her hand. She pulled down the zip on my dress. “Stand up and turn around.” My dress slid to the floor as I did. She moved in closer to me, put her hands on my tits, flicking at my nipples with her long nails making me flinch. She lowered her head and took one in her mouth, licking and sucking, biting while she pinched the other. I put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her head closer, moaning in pleasure. I stroked her arse with my other hand wanting to feel her, I lifted up her skirt, she wasn’t wearing knickers. As I ran my hand over her bare skin, she moaned against my tit, the vibrations sending shivers through me. I wanted to feel her naked body against mine, I found her zip and she stood up as I undid it, I pushed the dress off her shoulders, bent my head and started to lick around her nipples. I put one hand between her legs, my fingers sliding across her wet lips, she spread her legs and I rubbed her swollen clit. She pulled my head way from her tits and pushed me onto my knees. “Make me come.” I licked her clit and put my hands on her arse. She grabbed my head, grinding her cunt into my face, her juices slicking my chin as I ran my tongue along her slit. I could already feel her muscles twitching as I went back to licking her clit, running my tongue around it, sucking it. She wrapped her hands in my hair and pulled me even closer as she came, I shoved my fingers inside her throbbing, pulsating cunt, finger fucking her as I licked and sucked her clit and she cried out as she came again. As her spasms subsided and she pulled away from me I heard a man’s voice. “There you are darling. Is this a private party or can anyone join in?”

To be continued…

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