Messing About With Photos

I thought I’d have a little break from writing and I’ve been having a look at some photos, doing a little bit of editing, trying out different things. I’ve tried out several different types of editing software over the years but never really had the patience to learn how to use them properly (too lazy 🙂 I prefer just clicking on an effect) Currently I have Corel Paintshop Pro X installed and these are a few of this mornings efforts. The original photo I used and some of the effects.Some I like better than others. But it gives me an excuse to post photos of me which I’m getting to like 🙂

Boobs cropped Boobs cropped edges Boobs cropped posterize Boobs cropped neon chrome Boobs cropped pencil

Boobs cropped infra red Boobs cropped foil

Boobday  Boobday Chrome  Boobday Foil

Cropped boobs  Cropped boobs chrome  Cropped boobs posterize

Legs1 Legs1 Infra red Legs1 B+W

Legs1 foil Legs1 Posterize  Legs1 chrome

Mirror crop  Mirror crop Infra red  Mirror crop chrome

Mirror crop foil  Mirror crop Posterize

Suspender Suspender B+W Suspender Infra red  Suspender Sepia Suspender chrome Suspender Posterize

8 thoughts on “Messing About With Photos

  1. Like me, I’ve dabbled with a number of programs over the years, never taking sufficient time to learn all the nuances. One of these days I shall reach that project as I whittle through my bucket list of improving my education. ;D

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