Summer’s End and Scavenger Hunting

Wicked Wednesday #5 – Prompt 171 – Summer

I wasn’t sure what to write (again) because I thought Summer doesn’t really mean much of a change for me. OK, the kids are off school so I don’t have to get them out the door which in itself is great. But a couple of weeks into the holidays and I’m refereeing fights and wishing it would stop raining so they can go out. Actually it’s not that bad, it just seems that the crappy days are more frequent than they really are.

But most of our time is spent at home because we don’t go away on holiday every summer. And the school holidays in Ireland are looong. Secondary finish at the end of May, primary at the end of June. Sometimes I wish I was back in England when six weeks seemed like a long time. This summer the weather wasn’t too bad so they got out sometimes, but the best bit of the summer for me is when they’ve gone back to school, the weather usually gets better and I have a quiet, empty house. I haven’t had that for the last couple of years because I’ve been at college, so when they’ve gone back to school so have I. But this year I’m not starting back until next week which has meant I’ve had some me time, most of which has been spent writing and blogging.

Six months ago if you’d have told me that not only would I be posting photos of myself online, but that they’d be naked photos and that I’d be looking for chances to take naked photos outside, I’d have told you to f*** off. But I’ve been wanting to get some Scavenger Hunt photos for a while, it’s just that with one thing and another I haven’t had the chance. Last weekend the weather was good, and with nothing else planned we were good to go. There are so many good places to get photos in this part of the country that are within a couple of hours drive and we managed to tick quite a few off the list, (and possibly added a new one?) eventually. The problem is that Summer here means there are a lot of tourists around, but at this time of year the families have usually left and it’s mostly couples taking advantage of the cheaper prices and the absence of screaming kids. Our first two choices were a little busier than we’d anticipated.

beach 2 pixel

Note the people walking up and down the beach 🙂

Beach 1 pixel

Finally they were far enough away 🙂

The next one I’m hoping will count as a new location. A ringfort. Pretty please 🙂

Fort outside

Took this first as there were a couple of people inside.

fort sillouhette pixel

fort 2 pixel

We were waiting for a chance to get a photo as one of them was walking around. In the end we decided to go back down.

fort 3 pixel

In the end we just went for it, you can just see them behind me.

fort people

I have to say it was one of the funniest, scariest and most exhilarating things I’ve ever done! There are a few more photos for other locations to come but for now I’m definitely ticking off ‘Beach’ and hoping ‘Ringfort’ can be added to the list 🙂

And I’m really looking forward to the next Scavenger Hunt 🙂

See who else is being wicked this week.

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20 thoughts on “Summer’s End and Scavenger Hunting

  1. Welcome to the addictive joy that is Scavenger Hunting. If you are anything like me you will be constantly keeping your eye out for possible locations. The one thing I have come to learn from doing this though is that people are spectacularly unobservant. I even managed it at the petrol pumps at Tesco with someone filling up right next to me and they didn’t even look up.


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  2. I love that you are joining in with the craziness that’s scavenger hunt. It’s soooo addictive and so much fun to do. Which reminds me that I should get back to doing it.
    Love the locations you’ve ticked off here and am looking forward to the next ones you will be sharing 🙂

    Rebel xox

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  3. Yayayay! I’m so glad you’ve joined us, Cherry 🙂 You’re now officially on the Scavenger Hunt board – your locations have been noted as ‘beach’ and ‘fort’ (there was a ‘bunker/fort’ location already). One more locations moves you up to Silver!

    xx Dee

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  4. Welcome to the gang. It’s great fun and one of the advantages of living in one of the remoter parts of the world is often we can get away with it and no one is any the wiser.


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