A Lifelong Love Affair

I’ve been wanting to take part in Kitty’s Word for Wednesday meme for a while now. I like different writing challenges and as much as I like writing erotica I also like to write ‘normal’ stuff. I also find the more I write the more I can write. I wrote this last week and was waiting for Rebel to post the prompt for Wicked Wednesday to write something for that. Turns out that this post contains an epiphany I had regarding my first and longest lasting love affair so I’m going be lazy and use it for both.




The formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named (e.g. cuckoosizzle).


Late 16th century: via late Latin from Greek onomatopoiia‘word-making’, from onomaonomat- ‘name’ + -poios‘making’ (from poiein ‘to make’).

I have always loved words, I have always loved to read. To enter another world and to fall in love, to be seduced by the way the author uses words and to reach the end sated yet longing for more. A good book for me can be a lot like sex.

One of my favourite words is onomatopoeia. I love this word, I love it as a word, I love how it sounds and I love what it stands for. Sizzle, hiss, crack, and one of my favourite onomatopoeic words – susurration – I love words, I love how the English language, even with all its weird quirky rules, can adopt and adapt words from other languages, and how in the right hands, it can be manipulated to say the most incredible things.

I’m old-fashioned, I like proper spelling and punctuation, I still can’t quite accept messages from people in textspeak (see, that word didn’t exist a few years ago!) I’ve spent the best part of the last five years really looking into the evolution of language, reading books on language, faffing,  sorry, researching on the interweb (another one) and watching TEDtalks on language, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago when I wrote an essay for a communications course that I had an epiphany. The essay was about the impact technology has had on our lives. I wrote a section on how we can communicate with anyone, anywhere, using textspeak and emoticons, I also included a text conversation between teens and I suddenly thought ‘This is still language, this is still beautiful in its own way. It’s just the way language is still changing and evolving as it has always done and will continue to do.’

The English language has always changed and evolved and I love how this word has come down to us through Greek and Latin and has lasted through the centuries to become a part of my language.

I am so passionate about language I’ve even included a few references.

Empires of the Word – A language history of the world by Nicholas Ostler. Covers the evolution of the major world languages and at almost 700 pages it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Globish – How the English language became the world’s language by Robert McCrum. An interesting take on the spread of English and so much easier to read than Ostler’s book. But then it’s not a heavily researched book for scholars.

The Unfolding of Language – The evolution of man’s greatest invention by Guy Deutscher. This is by far my favourite of the three as he guides you through the way some languages have developed and changed, explaining some of the oddities e.g. laziness leading to dropped endings so creating a new word.

TEDtalks. I absolutely love TED and here are a couple of really good language videos playlists.



A couple of videos are on both lists but don’t let that stop you.

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12 thoughts on “A Lifelong Love Affair

  1. I’m delighted you joined in!
    I have considered using that very word several times for W4W… It is a wonderful word.
    I love language too and I have always thought it is constantly evolving and developing… I admit I frequently use text speak and emoticons and emojis are one of my favourite ways to convey emotions… Check out the animated ones on Skype! They are just too much fun. My friend and I have had entire conversations without using words!
    As a fellow lover of TED I will definitely check out the links you included.
    Thanks for joining in and I do hope to see you here again!
    Kat x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I *adore* that word, too. In fact, I can still remember the exact example my English teacher gave – from Samuel Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner – when he explained its meaning to me:

    “It cracked and growled, and roared and howled, Like noises in a swound!”



    Liked by 1 person

  3. Words and language… I love it! I also love how new words are made and created as the world out there develops more and new things. Every year here in the Netherlands one new word is chosen to add to the national dictionary.

    Rebel xox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know if there is a national English dictionary, I know every year they seem to add a lot of new words to the Oxford English Dictionary, but most of them are short-term buzzwords. I just love everything about language. Just wish I could actually learn another one, never been able to 😦


  4. I have always been a lover of words. I’ve been writing fantasy stories since I was about 9 or 10ish. I took a few different linguistics courses in college, as well as majoring in both English and Creative Writing. If they had offered a minor in linguistics, I would have done it. I took a phonetics class my senior year, and now at work, I write in IPA so others can’t read any blog posts or stories I might be working on. It also keeps me fluent.

    I enjoy language a lot and enjoy discussing it with others, but I get annoyed when people are like “fuck you! Dictionary says this!”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve always read but it took me a few years to get into writing, I never felt I could say what I wanted to say as well as other writers – lack of confidence – then I started writing just for me. Now I feel happier about sharing 🙂
      I’ve wanted to do some sort of college course around English, either literature or creative writing but never had the opportunity, so everything has been books or online. I can be a bit annoyed by some people too when it comes to words 🙂


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