Masturbation Monday #4

I was sitting at my desk writing when he came into the room. I swivelled the chair to face him, my greeting left unsaid when I saw the look on his face. He stood behind me as I turned back to the computer and carried on typing, his hand sliding down my top, my nipples already hard as he pinched me. I tried to concentrate on what I was doing, not wanting to look at the screen to see how many mistakes I was making as he pulled my top up and my bra down, kissing the back of my neck. I knew he’d be looking, counting the red lines so he could punish me. As he finally turned my chair around I caught a glimpse of the screen, there must have been at least a dozen. I was only happy he hadn’t waited too long today, there’d been more than one occasion when I’d had to type sitting on a couple of cushions. I undid his belt and pulled it through the loops and handed it to him, I could see how hard his cock was already. I undid his jeans and slid them down enough to free it, stroking the length, swirling my tongue around the tip. He pushed my hand away and held my head still while he shoved his cock in my mouth, making me gag as he fucked my throat. He pulled me up by my hair. ‘Fourteen today. You know what t o do.’ The only words he’d say as he pushed the chair away. I turned to face the desk and bent over, pulling my skirt up and spreading my legs. He ran a hand over my arse and down between my legs, feeling how wet my knickers were before yanking them down and sliding his fingers into my wet cunt. He took a step back, wrapping his belt around his hand and I tried to prepare myself. One hand on my back, he held me down against the desk, my bare tits squashed against the cold surface as he trailed the belt across my arse, between my legs making me shiver. Then the belt was gone, waiting for the first lash I tried to stay still and silent but couldn’t help letting out a small moan. I yelped as the belt landed across the top of my thighs and instantly the stinging heat spread. I could feel more heat between my legs and the wetness trickled down my thighs as he hit me again. By the time he’d landed the fourteen I was a dripping wreck and could already feel the bruises, fewer mistakes just meant he hit me harder. His hand went to the back of my neck as he stood behind me and I could feel his cock against me. Guiding himself with his other hand he thrust his cock inside me and held me down while he fucked my arse, his jeans rubbing against my tender skin. He put his hand around my throat and pulled me back up towards him and he tensed before I felt his come flooding me. He let me go and zipped up his jeans as he stepped away. I stayed leaning over, my hands on the desk until I heard the door close behind him. Pulling my knickers up and adjusting the rest of my clothes I lowered myself slowly onto my chair knowing it would be a while before I could sit comfortably.

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