Used 2

Masturbation Monday #5

I love to watch as he prepares dinner. I lean against the kitchen worktop, cup of tea in hand, watching his strong hands, peeling, chopping, every movement controlled. He glances over at me, ‘Go get your shoes.’ I put my tea down and got to the bedroom, I know which shoes. I pick them up from the floor and go back into the kitchen where he is finishing up the vegetables. As he clears up I put on my heels, I wish I could wear them all the time. He stands in front of me, still taller, and kisses me, walking me back until I’m against the worktop. His strong hands wandering over my body, arse, hips, tits, stroking, pinching, squeezing. Heat between my legs as he turns me around, bending me over the worktop, slapping my arse, pulling down my trousers and knickers as he holds me down, one hand on the back of my neck. His fingers exploring, probing my wet cunt, pushing deeper inside me, sliding over my clit, rubbing and pinching. ‘Such a needy, greedy little cunt.’ I’m grateful for the worktop holding me up, my legs weak, I whimper as he continues to fuck me with his fingers, wetness running down the inside of my thighs. He stops fingering my cunt and slaps my arse hard enough to make me yelp, his hand tightens on my neck. I try to keep quiet as he spanks me, but can’t help letting out another cry as his hand lands on a spot already starting to bruise. He stops slapping me and I hear him undo his belt, another whimper escaping as he pulls it through the loops of his jeans. That sound alone would be enough to make my cunt drip even if he hadn’t already touched me. He lets go of my neck just long enough to wrap the belt around his hand and the feel of cold leather trailing across my back and down my arse sends a shiver of anticipation through me. The belt soon leaves marks to go with the bruises on my arse from his hands and adds its own to the tops of my thighs, the stinging heat spreading until everything is burning. Finally he drops the belt beside my face. As he undoes his jeans and I feel his cock filling me, seeing the belt lying there sends another rush of heat through me, makes my stomach flip as I realise I actually love this thing. I love how it feels when it’s biting into my skin, I love the marks it leaves and I love the feel of his body slamming against my tender skin as he fucks me. But I also feel a little sad, seeing it lying there, abandoned, its work done for now.

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