My Journey – part 3

I know it’s been a while since I last talked about this but I’ve been a bit distracted 🙂 but here’s the next installment.

And Violet I think this is pretty safe 🙂

We’d been talking online for a couple of weeks and it was rare that I’d had so much in common with anyone – even down to which biscuits we liked. There had been very little talk of sex, really only how long it had been – I won – five years to his few months. It was mostly about how much we both missed having someone in our lives and the lack of hugs. In one message he wrote:

‘I have a collection of unused hugs. The longer, lingering face-burying kind. The little ones I can offload easily, kids, friends, relative etc. but the ones that either slow the heart or make it race, well I need to get out and exchange some of those.’

I think I really fell in love then.

The only time things got a little more, let’s say interesting, was when we were talking about him wanting to attach a camera to a kite using duct tape to take some photos. The next message he sent was about ‘…taking duct tape and a camera to meet a stranger…’ he also says he has a cold. I text back that I hadn’t even realised about the duct tape and camera until he mentioned it and that he could bring it as long as he didn’t give it to me. So he texts back ‘Are we still talking about duct tape?’ And my reply is that I was talking about his cold, and that I don’t know if I’d like duct tape, it’d be too hard to remove. After I sent it I though WTF am I doing? But the conversation went back to the usual, safe topics. I was really only looking for someone to meet up with occasionally, someone to have dinner with, someone to have a decent conversation with. I really would have settled for just a hug but obviously it would be great if there was sex too. Once we had arranged to meet I was staring to feel physically sick, getting more nervous as the day approached. The first time we met he drove across the country to see me and the first thing we did was hug, it felt amazing. He took me out to dinner, and although I was still feeling nervous gradually I calmed down. After dinner I took him for a walk around town and then we went for a drink. The whole time we didn’t stop talking, or laughing. Afterwards he offered to walk me home. I’d gotten someone to mind the kids overnight, we were getting on well and he had a hotel room – what was I going to do? I thought it better to get the whole sex thing out of the way – if we weren’t as compatible in bed as we were in everything else wouldn’t it be good to find out now instead of him having to drive all that way again? So we went back to the hotel, I’m not going to give all the details but for me it was as if he could see inside my head. At one point he asked me if I was a bit shy because I hadn’t asked him to do anything but I told him that I hadn’t needed to, he did it all anyway. We talked quite a lot about sex, our likes and dislikes, his surprise at finding out I wasn’t shaved or waxed and that I hadn’t given him a blow job. Those things seemed to have become the norm, but I had found it bad enough getting my eyebrows waxed a couple of times, no way anyone was going near my bits, as for shaving I didn’t fancy a cut there either. When it comes to blow jobs it’s not something I’d ever really liked, I have sucked a few cocks in my time but I preferred not to, and if a bloke didn’t want to give me oral that was fine too. I told him that I had always had a thing about being tied up but never found anyone willing or able and he asked me if I liked to be spanked. No-one had ever asked me and I had no feelings one way or the other, I’d had the odd swat on the behind but nothing more. So that night I got my first spanking, it was only a few light slaps but I’d found something else I liked. Life had suddenly gotten a lot more interesting!

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