Word for Wednesday

Word for Wednesday #3


I originally had another word picked for this week but after a conversation with Sir on Sunday I had to go with this one instead:

Tumescent: adj

  1. swollen or becoming swollen

[C19: from Latin tumescere to begin to swell, from tumēre]

We were just chatting when apropos (another good word) of nothing he asked me if I knew what intumescent meant. Apparently someone he knows had to install a fire door with an intumescent seal. I hadn’t heard of it, I had heard of tumescent, so I went to Google as you do but my phone was being an arse so I looked it up in a proper dictionary. Basically both mean to swell, but after finally looking it up online I found that intumescent is more often used to describe foam or paint that swells when it gets hot – hence the intumescent seal and tumescent is usually from sexual arousal – when the body gets hot 😉

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