The Faceless Stranger

A little story for Hallowe’en

Shall I tell you today about my dream? There are variations of my dream, but always he is behind me, and I never get to see his face. I’ve had this dream for a long time, the Faceless Stranger has haunted me for years. He doesn’t scare me, even though I can’t see his face, even though I don’t know who he is. These are mostly vanilla dreams, there’s no spanking or bondage, no throatfucking or anal sex. There is power but no aggression. He is in control. I am his, to do with as he pleases. And even though I’ve never seen him I know he is tall, not skinny, not fat, not muscular, but I can feel his strength. His mere presence is enough to overwhelm me.

I’m always willing, pliant in his hands. He never speaks but as a dream lover he knows exactly what to do. Perhaps that’s why I can’t settle for anyone in real life. No-one could match up to Him. I know he isn’t real, I know my dream doesn’t bear any resemblance to the real world, and yet…

In my dream I feel…complete.

I don’t need anything or anyone else, he makes me feel whole. And in my dream I feel beautiful, I’m still me, there haven’t been any miraculous inches taken from my waist and added to my height, and yet I feel beautiful, he makes me feel beautiful. Sometimes when I wake up I carry this feeling with me through the day, those are good days, when everything seems so much brighter, when the real world is a good place to be, but some mornings when I wake it’s with a horrible feeling of loss, I’m left yearning, bereft, grieving almost.

So let me tell you about my dream. The one that occurs most frequently is the one where I find myself standing in front of a mirror, the lighting is subdued but focused on me. He is standing behind me, not touching me, but I can feel him there. When I look for him in the mirror all I can see is a shadow. I’m wearing a dress that leaves my shoulders bare, underneath all I wear is stockings and a suspender belt. And high heels, mustn’t forget the heels. None of these are things I ever wear, except in my dreams. My hair is piled on top of my head so when he kisses my neck he still doesn’t have to touch me. His kiss is so cold, and still I see nothing but shadow. He kisses my neck, the tops of my shoulders, the back of my neck, sending shockwaves of pleasure through my body which linger in my nipples and in my clitoris. He spends what seems like an eternity just kissing me like this until I feel I can’t take anymore, my body ready to explode. He stops kissing me then and trails a cold finger down the back of my neck, down my spine, stops at the top of my dress, slowly pulls down the zip, my dress falls to the floor. He puts his arms around me, pulls me against him. I feel his clothed body against my bare skin, I feel his hard cock against my bare arse. Kissing my neck he strokes my tits, tweaking my nipples, his other hand moves down between my legs and as he starts to rub my clitoris, sliding his cold fingers inside me, that is when I wake up.


To Do

 An update on my things ‘To Do This Week’ list

It’s been a funny old week, a long weekend, no college, a couple of days with no internet. I missed Sinful Sunday, Masturbation Monday and Wicked Wednesday this week but on a positive note I have been productive in other areas. I’ve done quite a lot of writing, which is always good and I’ve managed to tick off nearly everything on my list!

Write Post for W4W – Done and posted!

Write Post about Nasty names for men – Done! Planning on posting it for next week’s W4W

Halloween themed photo for Boobday – Still not taken, but I have time.

Think of a Photo for Sinful Sunday – Still cogitating.

Sort out wardrobe – Done! I’m really pleased that I finally got this done. I was ruthless and now even have a bit of room!

Finish assignment and e-mail to tutor – Done! So happy it’s out of the way!

Washing – Mostly done and I’m really happy about that!

Read through B’Day and make notes for NaNo – I’ve been working away at this for a while and I think I’ve finally ironed out the little plot glitches that were bugging me, so come Sunday I’ll be ready to go! And that makes me really, really happy. I started this over two years ago and I can finally see an end to it, I’m feeling excited about it again!

Word for Wednesday #9

I’ve had no internet at home for two whole days! OMG I didn’t realise how much I would miss it! Anyway here’s this week’s word.


For the week that’s in it and because I’m a bit of a Pagan I picked Samhain for this weeks word.

Samhain: Pronounced sow-in or sah-in the word comes from Old Irish, and refers to 1st of November. One of the four main festivals of the year, the others being Imbolc (February 1st), Bealtaine (1st May) and Lughnasa (1st August), Samhain is generally translated as ‘summer’s end’ and was when the last of the crops were harvested, the animals were brought down from summer pasture (some were slaughtered) and there was general preparation for winter. Samhain lasted from nightfall on 31st of October until nightfall on 1st of November and was also the time when the dead could be more easily contacted.

The Catholic All Saints day was originally celebrated on 13th of May but in 835 Louis the Pious moved it to 1st of November to stop those pesky Pagans with their traditional celebrations and so 31st October became the eve of All Hallows or Hallowe’en, but people still see it as the night for hauntings and many Pagans celebrate Samhain as their New Year. I love this time of year as the days get shorter, and we head into winter, that feeling of everything closing in, I can’t realy describe it properly 🙂 My favourite day is actually Winter Solstice as the days start to get longer. I never saw the big deal about summer solstice as to me that marks the time when everything starts dying.

And something that has not much to do with modern Halloween. The Mound of the Hostages at Tara which is a 4,500 year old burial mound is aligned to the winter solstice and before it was moved the Lia Fail or Stone of Destiny stood at the entrance to the mound. Must have made for an interesting sight at sunrise 🙂

On a side note here in Ireland some of the months still have the old festival names  in Gaelic. May is still Bealtaine, August is still Lunasa and November is still Samhain.

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Long Weekends, Getting Drunk and Getting Organised


Today in Ireland it’s Bank Holiday which meant I had an extra day with Sir, which was good 🙂 but last night I had a bit too much too drink, threw up and passed out, which was bad 😦 I definitely don’t have the same capacity for alcohol I used to have and it’s taken me until now to get any bit motivated to do anything much. I’m usually pretty careful these days and last night is the first time in a long time I’ve gotten to the puking stage. Won’t be doing that again any time soon!

It’s also the mid-term break for schools, which means I have a few days to get myself organised for NaNo. I’m determined to actually get it done this year. I’ve even written myself a To Do list for this week! (I have to motivate myself somehow 🙂 )

To Do This Week

Write post for W4W – Almost finished

Write post about nasty names for men – The idea for this came about after last weeks W4W post and a chat with Kat. It’s been interesting research and it’s half written

Halloween themed photo for Boobday – I know what I want to do, just have to take the photo

Think of a photo for Sinful Sunday – No idea yet

Sort out wardrobe – Nowhere near started

Finish assignment and e-mail to tutor – Biggie #1. It has to be finished before I go back next week and I can’t get motivated even though it’s pretty much finished.

Washing – Just blergh (hate anything to do with housework)

Read through B’Day and make notes for NaNo – Biggie #2. I wrote the first draft of this two years ago. I stopped writing it because I couldn’t get it off the old computer. Sir rescued it because that’s what he does and since then it’s sat on this computer. I’ve done a bit to it but mostly I’ve been re-writing it by hand. It’s changed a lot since the first draft but I really just need to sit down and finish the bloody thing! That’s why I picked it for NaNo. I will finish it!

Word for Wednesday #7 & #8


I have two words this week. The first one I used during my daily game of Scrabble with Sir. Not many points and it’s not really in keeping with our usual habit of trying to find smutty words but it was too good to pass up.


Harpy – In Ancient Greek and Roman mythology Harpies were monsters with bird bodies and women’s faces. They were often portrayed as vicious, punishing wrong-doers and carrying people away. Of course now it’s another word to describe women, the Urban Dictionary definition: A word to describe a women who draws a man into her grasp by pleasing the victims biggest desire only to destroy all that makes him what he is.

Which brings me to another word I really like the sound of – Harridan –  but I’m not so keen on the definition: Strict, bossy or belligerent old woman.

Is it just me or do there seem to be way more bad words about women than men?

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