Flamingos and Wolves

This is my entry for Sex blog (of sorts) Lippie competion (Do you know how hard it is to find something erotic about flamingos?)


He said he was taking me to lunch, I thought he was joking when he stopped the car.

“The zoo?”

“Yes, the zoo.” Now don’t get me wrong, I like a trip to the zoo as much as anyone but I’d usually have at least one child with me, it’s not the first place I’d think of if I’m going on a date. I looked down at what I was wearing, LBD, heels. Definitely not suitable.

“When you said you were taking me to lunch I thought you meant lunch.” He reached around into the back seat, pulled out a basket and plonked it on my lap.

“Lunch. Nice dress by the way. Maybe you should have worn different shoes.” He says with a grin.

“Ya think? Maybe you should have told me where we were going.”

“I told you, I wanted to surprise you.” He got out of the car. It was at times like these I felt like slapping him. I struggled out with the basket and he came round to me, pinning me up against the side of the car, kissed me. “Are you wearing knickers?”

“Yes!” Fuck it! Slap him? Right then I wanted to punch him. “Did you not think about telling me, I could have changed.” He grinned down at me.

“I thought about it, but I like the way you look. So fucking sexy, shame about the knickers.” He took the basket off me and walked away. I followed, trying not to twist my ankle on the gravel.

Silly me, thinking he’s whisking me off to a romantic lunch in a nice restaurant, instead I was going to spend the day traipsing around a zoo in a sexy little dress and heels looking like a total idiot, he flicked through the leaflet checking out feeding times.

“So, anything you want to see? I’m thinking tigers, the aquarium, and a walk around the lake?”

“How about the café?” I just wanted to sit down, drink coffee and eat a lot of cake.

“Yeah we can do that after. Well? What do you want to see?”


“That’s it? Just the wolves.”

“I like wolves, then I want to see cake, lots of cake, and coffee.” And maybe a couple of glasses of wine too.

So we walked, we saw the tigers, and as we watched them pace backwards and forwards behind the glass, muscles gliding under the sleek skin, he stood behind me, close enough for me to feel his hard cock against me, whispered in my ear. “You know what I’d do now if there was no-one here? I’d push you up against the glass, lift up that dress, pull those knickers to one side and stick my cock inside your wet cunt and fuck you till you come.” He stepped away leaving me standing there, flushed, breathless, cunt wet, hoping no-one was taking any notice. Bastard.

Inside the aquarium it was dark, and much quieter. As we stood in front of one of the tanks he put his hand up my dress and felt how wet I was, his fingers sliding along my clit and inside me. “Take off your knickers.” He watched as I stood on shaky legs and took them off, I handed them to him and he put them into the lunch basket. “Good girl.” I hated him sometimes.

We sat at one of the picnic tables between the lake and the flamingo enclosure to eat our lunch. I sat looking at the flamingos, such strange looking things. “You know some people say that’s where the story of the phoenix came from?” I looked around at him, reminded of just one of the reasons why I loved him. “The Egyptian version anyway. Though I have no idea how they ever came up with there only ever being one at a time. What good is one?” He moved closer to me and looked around. It was getting late and the crowds were thinning, he shoved his hand back up my dress, I grabbed his wrist, kissed him.

“Take me home.”

“What about your cake and coffee? What about the wolves?”

“I have coffee and cake at home.” I guided his hand between my legs. “And you’re the only wolf I’m interested in right now.”

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