Am I Mad?

So, I’ve signed up for NaNoWriMo yet again! I can’t remember is this the third, fourth, fifth time? I always have good intentions (don’t we all?) but something usually gets in the way. It’s not a huge task – 50,000 words in 30 days – is it? That works out at a little over 1600 words per day and I know there are days when I’ve written more. Last year was the first year I actually did any writing during November purely for NaNo. My current list of unfinished projects includes two screenplays with ideas for two more, two first drafts of novels (one of which I’m hoping to get properly edited during November), two other half-drafted novels and two ideas for stories which may become novella length. I also have several short stories which I started writing for the blog but either they didn’t work or I haven’t had time to finish them.

So on top of my kids, the house, full-time college and now the blog, not to mention weekends with Sir, I have now decided to take on even more work (it’s not like I even get paid for any of it!) Maybe I should just give up sleep altogether šŸ™‚

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