Word for Wednesday #6


My word for this Wednesday:


  1. Cause to be confused emotionally
  2. Be confusing or perplexing to; cause to be unable to think clearly

‘Discombobulate is a fun, fancy word for “confuse.” If something has put you in a state where you don’t know up from down and you can’t spell your own name, you may be discombobulated.’ http://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/discombobulate

This isn’t the word I was going to use this week. I wasn’t sure which word to use, yesterday I was exhausted (this was one word I was thinking about). I posted for Wicked Wednesday early, turned off my computer early and went to bed early. Sir rang me as he does every evening and said he’d left a comment on my blog. He is the only person who knows me both in the real world and online. We talk about the blog – posts, photos etc. but he doesn’t leave comments. When I started he said he wouldn’t read it if I didn’t want him because it was my space, but I said I didn’t mind, I kind of wanted him to read it. It’s another way for us to communicate because sometimes I’m not great at the actual talking bit. So, because he hasn’t commented before I had to approve it. I was going to leave it until this morning but after lying there for a while (about twenty seconds) I got up and turned the computer back on, curious to see what he’d written (he knows exactly what to say) And when I think about his words I’m still feeling discombobulated this morning 🙂

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