Search Terms

Masturbation Monday #6

I had my first recorded search term on Friday! I haven’t had very many people finding me through search engines anyway, I think most of those who do visit find me through the memes. The search was ‘blog sexual frustration’ so I went and did a little bit of searching myself – there it was on Bing, fourth page, a few entries below a GOTN post. The search brought up this post from Sept. 16th, one of my ranty ones about not having orgasms as easily as I used to. It made me happy, but I wonder if the post was of any use to the person who read it. So anyway I thought I’d write a little something about where I am now when it comes to masturbation.

I used to masturbate, a lot. Because I was nearly always horny. Morning, noon or night, if I was at home and feeling in need of an orgasm I’d have one. If I wasn’t at home I’d get home as soon as I could and sort myself out, (I could never masturbate away from home, just couldn’t do it). I had a few different fantasies but they’d usually involve being watched and used by a lot of different people. Now because of the issues I have with having an orgasm I tend to not bother when I’m on my own, it just makes me more frustrated. But when Sir is here it’s a different story. He likes to watch me touch myself and even though I don’t/can’t come, knowing that he’s watching me, and enjoying it means that I enjoy it. And he whispers in my ear, things he’d like to do to me, other thing he’d like to watch me doing.

Touch Yourself

“Touch yourself.” Those two little words, he knows she won’t refuse him, can’t refuse him. He kneels between her legs, his cock hard, watching as her hand slides over her stomach and inside her knickers. Her cunt already wet, she’s always wet for him. She moans as she rubs her swollen clit, spreading her legs further to push her fingers inside her cunt. “You’re such a dirty little whore. Touching yourself while I watch.” He lies down so she can feel him stroking his cock, his hand brushing against hers. “You like to be watched don’t you?”

“Yes.” Her wet fingers glide over and around her clit.

“Tell me what goes through that dirty whore mind of yours when you’re touching yourself.” He knows that she can’t tell him, can’t put it into words, but he’s read her words, written for him. “Do you think about being watched? Is it just me watching you? Or do you think about men standing around you, wanking while they watch you? Coming over you, your face, your tits, covering you in their come. Or do they touch you as well?” He pulls her knickers to the side so he can see her touching herself, her fingers sliding into her cunt, rubbing her clit. So he can see how wet she’s getting as she listens to him talk. “Their hands all over your body, tits, cunt, arse. Pinching you, stroking you, slapping you. Their mouths, licking your cunt and your arse, sucking your nipples, biting you. Cocks and fingers in all your holes, coming in your mouth, in that hot, wet cunt, up your tight, little arse until it’s running out of you in rivers. How many are there? Two, five, ten? Or is there an endless number, one after another. No that’s not enough for you is it? You’re such a dirty little whore. A needy little slut who loves cock. Four or five at a time, fucking all your holes at once, with more waiting their turn with the whore, the little slut who’ll take it anywhere.” He rubs the head of his cock against her, making her whimper and lift her hips towards him. “No cock for you yet, slut.” He strokes his cock faster, his hand hitting her cunt, almost punching her as he wanks against her. “Maybe I should tie you up first, hands behind your back, blindfold, so you can’t see who’s next, what they look like, who they are. Let them use you like I do. My little fucktoy.” He flips her onto her stomach and she feels his cock inside her cunt, feels him come inside her. He keeps talking to her. More dirty words lifted from her mind as she rubs his spunk over her clit, lost in his words that are her words.


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