A Very Wicked Wednesday

Wicked Wednesday #10 – Prompt #177 – Two

I was re-reading some of the stories I’ve written recently and thought I’d post this one. It contains nipple torture and consensual non-consent anal sex. Two things I love to hate, or should that be hate to love? I’m not sure which. I hate when he starts on my nipples but I don’t want it to end, as for the anal, I don’t particularly like it, but Sir does. He likes that I don’t like it and I like that he likes that I don’t like so in a way I do enjoy it, (no-one ever said this would be simple!). Both feed the dynamic of my relationship with Sir, pain and control, his dominance and my submission, (and I love it when he calls me names). We both knew there were things that we liked before we met, but as we’re both relative newbies to BDSM relationships we’re still exploring and figuring out stuff. Most of the time as soon as he walks through the door I’m ready to fall into a heap at his feet and beg him to do whatever he wants, but sometimes I need for him to force me to give up my control, which is where the consensual non-consent bit comes into for me. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I’ve been the one in charge for so long. As a single parent I’m the one who makes all the decisions, I have to be the strong one and not take shit from anyone. With Sir I feel safe enough to let go of that control, to let him take over, at least in the bedroom.

So, here’s the story.

They lie together, bodies entwined, the sweat cooling on their skin, the smell of sex heavy in the room. They should sleep but he’s not yet willing to let go. They have so little time together neither of them wants to waste any of it sleeping. She shifts against him, turning onto her back, a sigh. He knows she’ll be asleep soon. He turns to her, kisses her, knowing she’ll do almost anything he tells her. The knowledge fills him with the need to fuck her again, and again, to own her, possess her. He’d spend the rest of his life fucking her if he could, and he knows she feels this way too. “Suck my cock.” He tells her, grabbing her hair as she turns to kneel beside him, a soft moan escaping as she takes him in her mouth, tongue swirling around his cock as she strokes him with her hand. He pushes her head down, holds her there for a few seconds before letting go and stroking her arse instead trying to decide if he has the energy to spank her. He settles for lying there, watching as she takes him further into her mouth, sliding his fingers inside her he feels her cunt clench as she makes herself gag on his cock. He fingers her slowly until her juices run down her thighs, over his hand. “Fuck me.” He tells her and as she sits up he puts his fingers in her mouth, watching her lick and suck them, her eyes closed. He pulls her on top of him and kisses her, loving how he can taste her cunt on her lips. “Fuck me, slut.” She takes his cock in her hand and guides it inside herself, grinding against him, moaning. He lets her do this for a couple of minutes, knowing that she knows that wasn’t what he meant. He reaches up, pinches her nipples, her eyes open in shock. “Not your cunt, your arse.” He pinches harder, hoping she’ll resist, tell him no, even though he knows she’ll do it, eventually.

“Please, I don’t want to.” She whispers, pleading. He twists her nipples, making her gasp, her cunt tightening on his cock.

“Do it.” Twisting, pinching her.

“I don’t want to, please.” He smiles up at her.

“You say all the right things. Fuck your arse, with my cock, now.” She slides off him, moves to guide his cock between her arse cheeks. She tries to take her time but as soon as he feels himself inside he grabs her hips and pushes her down, making her cry out. “Now, fuck yourself.” He puts his hands behind his head and watches as, with her hands on his chest she moves against him,  making small sounds of denial, grinding down further, “Don’t tell me you don’t like it.” He rubs her clit with his thumb, pinches a nipple as she still continues to shake her head, forcing herself lower to take him deeper inside her. “Your cunt is dripping as usual. Whore.” He pushes her off and flips her onto her stomach, pulls her hands behind her back, holds her there as he guides his cock back inside her, and she whimpers into the pillow. He wants to take his time, but listening to the noises she makes as he fucks her takes him to the edge and he comes, thrusting deep inside her. Pulling out he flops onto his back, and as he feels sleep creeping up he hears her mutter as she snuggles up beside him.

“Bastard. I fucking hate you.” He falls asleep with a smile on his face.

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