Long Weekends, Getting Drunk and Getting Organised


Today in Ireland it’s Bank Holiday which meant I had an extra day with Sir, which was good 🙂 but last night I had a bit too much too drink, threw up and passed out, which was bad 😦 I definitely don’t have the same capacity for alcohol I used to have and it’s taken me until now to get any bit motivated to do anything much. I’m usually pretty careful these days and last night is the first time in a long time I’ve gotten to the puking stage. Won’t be doing that again any time soon!

It’s also the mid-term break for schools, which means I have a few days to get myself organised for NaNo. I’m determined to actually get it done this year. I’ve even written myself a To Do list for this week! (I have to motivate myself somehow 🙂 )

To Do This Week

Write post for W4W – Almost finished

Write post about nasty names for men – The idea for this came about after last weeks W4W post and a chat with Kat. It’s been interesting research and it’s half written

Halloween themed photo for Boobday – I know what I want to do, just have to take the photo

Think of a photo for Sinful Sunday – No idea yet

Sort out wardrobe – Nowhere near started

Finish assignment and e-mail to tutor – Biggie #1. It has to be finished before I go back next week and I can’t get motivated even though it’s pretty much finished.

Washing – Just blergh (hate anything to do with housework)

Read through B’Day and make notes for NaNo – Biggie #2. I wrote the first draft of this two years ago. I stopped writing it because I couldn’t get it off the old computer. Sir rescued it because that’s what he does and since then it’s sat on this computer. I’ve done a bit to it but mostly I’ve been re-writing it by hand. It’s changed a lot since the first draft but I really just need to sit down and finish the bloody thing! That’s why I picked it for NaNo. I will finish it!

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