To Do

 An update on my things ‘To Do This Week’ list

It’s been a funny old week, a long weekend, no college, a couple of days with no internet. I missed Sinful Sunday, Masturbation Monday and Wicked Wednesday this week but on a positive note I have been productive in other areas. I’ve done quite a lot of writing, which is always good and I’ve managed to tick off nearly everything on my list!

Write Post for W4W – Done and posted!

Write Post about Nasty names for men – Done! Planning on posting it for next week’s W4W

Halloween themed photo for Boobday – Still not taken, but I have time.

Think of a Photo for Sinful Sunday – Still cogitating.

Sort out wardrobe – Done! I’m really pleased that I finally got this done. I was ruthless and now even have a bit of room!

Finish assignment and e-mail to tutor – Done! So happy it’s out of the way!

Washing – Mostly done and I’m really happy about that!

Read through B’Day and make notes for NaNo – I’ve been working away at this for a while and I think I’ve finally ironed out the little plot glitches that were bugging me, so come Sunday I’ll be ready to go! And that makes me really, really happy. I started this over two years ago and I can finally see an end to it, I’m feeling excited about it again!

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