Mixed Bag

Word for Wednesday #10/Wicked Wednesday #11

Today’s post is a bit of a mixed one.

Following a conversation with Kat a couple of weeks ago on Word for Wednesday about the disproportionate number of insulting names for women compared to men I thought I’d do a little bit of research into the subject. I still don’t know numbers-wise how insults compare but I did find some good names to call men. One of my favourites being Fopdoodle, which means an insignificant or foolish man.

I was going to use that word for today and then I started writing a piece for this week’s prompt for Wicked Wednesday which was ‘Happy Place’, but I found it hard as I don’t really have a happy place. Obviously when I’m with Sir I am definitely in a happy place, no matter how I’m feeling before I see him he always manages to make me happy. Any stress or sadness just disappears. He keeps me centred, stops me from losing myself. But because we can’t spend very much time together I also have a lot of days when I’m not in such a good frame of mind.

My happy place is more of a state of mind than a physical place and after finally admitting to myself a couple of years ago that I’m more of an academic not an artist, I actually felt as if a weight had been lifted off me. So my Word for this Wednesday and my ‘Happy Place’ for Wicked Wednesday is –


Noun: The systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.

Verb: Investigate systematically.

I had spent my whole life being creative, mostly painting and drawing. I’ve made cards and jewellery and I’ve done a lot of crochet. I never earned much money from it, certainly not enough to cover the amount I had spent on materials, but I enjoyed it. I still do when the mood takes me but I don’t think I’m really passionate enough about it to be able to make a living from it. The one thing I am passionate about is research, or more specifically, learning about things that interest me. So when a challenge comes along (like insults for men) I’m as happy as a pig in shit (excuse the language). But that’s the sort of thing I think about, why ‘happy as a pig in shit’? Pigs would probably be just as happy wallowing in mud. (Inside my head can be a weird place at times).

So for the past few days language has been my happy place, the use of language and learning about it. Before that I had done a little research to refresh my knowledge about Hallowe’en and Samhain. I now find that my creativity has a new outlet – I research and write about stuff. A lot of different stuff. Some of it finds its way here but so much more of it is in notebooks, I have gotten into the habit of writing things down instead of trying to remember them – quotes, thoughts, notes to myself – I now have ten different notebooks that I write in on different subjects (I may have a problem). The internet has made research both easier and more difficult – it’s easy to find stuff but you have to check where the information comes from. I’m just as happy looking through physical books, sometimes happier.

So back to my findings for Word for Wednesday – I couldn’t end this post go without filling you in a bit on some of the insults I found. I could have spent an awful lot more time researching these, and at some point I probably will go back to it, but right now unfortunately I can’t spend all my time doing research.

I’m used to a good old-fashioned Anglo-Saxon swear – Bastard, arsehole, wanker, wank stain, tosser, toss-pot, bollock brain, prick, smart arse, tight arse, fucker, fuck head, fuck face, shitbag, dipshit and a personal favourite knob jockey. The one word I very rarely use as an insult, even though I use it when writing or talking sex is cunt, in conversation about someone my friends and I have gotten into the habit of saying ‘see you next Tuesday’, as in ‘He’s a right see you next Tuesday.’ Some of the less offensive names would be git, pillock, ponce, nut job, scumbag,

Insults I think of as more American would include douche, douche bag, fucktard, mother fucker, cock sucker, choad, meathead and one I think may have been aimed at women but I think is just as good for men too – cock juggling thunder cunt.

Historical insults, including the above one, fopdoodle, would be good to use if you wanted to get a bit more imaginative. Bedswerver (Shakespeare) means an adulterer, gnash gab – someone who complains a lot, gobermouch – a nosy person, muck spout – swears a lot, loiter sack – 17th century lazy bastard, tallowcatch – a gross womaniser, wandought – impotent.

And of course there are the Irish insults, eejit, maggot, gombeen, langer, gobshite, shtate – as in ‘Would ya look at the shtate o’ yer man.’, pox, and bollix. A couple popular locally amongst the lads are  – paedo – which could refer to any older male and when you live in a small town in rural Ireland the only people left to insult are those that don’t even live in a village who are known as boggers or farmers. So there you have it, my mini guide to insulting names for men – use it wisely, or unwisely, I leave that up to you.

There are an awful lot of sites on the net (and real books) dedicated to insulting people so I’m sure you can find a lot more out there. I’d be really interested to hear your favourites.

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