Horny Hour #4

The prompt this week was three random words – Fidget, intolerable and apron.

I’ve been needing something the last few days, anticipation of the weekend I suppose and this is what I came up with.

She knows what she wants, what she needs. She feels as she if she is disconnected from everything, yet she feels everything, sees and hears everything. It feels like sandpaper scraping across her senses, every noise too intrusive, too loud, every sight too bright, everything making her want to run, get away, to scream her defiance at this frenetic feeling inside of her. She can’t stay still, she has to move, to stay moving, to try and escape it. But she knows that is impossible, there is nothing she can do to stop it, nothing she can do to get what she needs.

She tries, tries to make the intolerable tolerable, to numb the sensations, to dull the need. She does all those things that need to be done. Domesticity has never suited her, but she tries. She peels and cuts and chops, preparing food she will not eat, food she has no appetite for, food that she can’t swallow, but she tries. She smiles a little at the thought that she would do all of this for him without complaint. She would tie a little frilly apron around her naked waist and keep house for him, she would cook and clean and she would do it happily. Instead she sits, with her tea, and with her cigarette and as she fidgets and fiddles with the ring all she can think about right now is his touch, the thought of the way his hands make her feel – safe and loved, secure and grounded. The thought of his hands warm against her skin, strong, comforting. That is what she needs.

His hands exploring her body, lifting her, turning her, moving her. Until she is exactly where he wants her to be. Over his knee, one hand on her neck, reassuring, the other hand stroking her bare arse. Anticipating, longing for, needing that first slap. That is what she needs, craves, his fingers explore her dripping cunt, his whispers, ‘Good girl, such a good little slut.’ His hands providing what she needs. And again, through the haze of lust, desire, craving, longing, needing she finds herself wondering, how, why, but in reality she doesn’t care about the how’s and why’s. All she cares about is his touch and how he makes her feel.

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