After the Interview

Wicked Wednesday #13 – Writing Prompt:

She wants to make a good impression when having dinner at her boss’s house, but her husband has a tendency to say exactly what is on his mind if he has one drink too many…

She’d had the interview and she’d gotten the job, now, three weeks later he’d invited her to dinner. More accurately he’d invited her, plus one, to a Christmas dinner party he was giving for a couple of the company bigwigs and few select clients. She just wished there was some way she could get out of it, or she didn’t have to bring a plus one. It wasn’t that she didn’t love her husband, she did, it wasn’t that she didn’t like to go out with him, because she did. What she didn’t like the thought of was what he might say, especially in front of her new boss. If the drink was flowing, which she assumed it would be, he was capable of saying anything, particularly when she hadn’t been a very good girl. And with the new job, for the last couple of weeks it had been so hard to be good. To be fair her husband understood, had let her get away with some things that he wouldn’t normally put up with, and she had tried to make it up to him in other ways. But she worried that just one drink too many would lead to him making a comment about how she felt, what she thought about sometimes. Her husband knew exactly how she felt, had watched as she’d masturbated, thinking about her boss. Had made her tell him what she thought about and then used it against her. He’d leant over her, whispered her fantasies into her ear with all the little twists only he knew would make her come even harder. Telling her how much he’d enjoy watching her be used by another man, how much he’d enjoy seeing her on her knees, sucking his cock, how much he’d enjoy seeing another man’s come dripping down her face. And that he knew she’d enjoy being fucked by her boss, that she’d enjoy being fucked by her boss while others watched, waiting for their turn.

He had chosen her outfit for the evening. Had gone out and bought her outfit for the evening, a LBD that was so low cut at the back she couldn’t wear a bra, stockings, suspender belt and a pair of shoes she could barely walk in. He had told her he wanted every man there this evening to want her, to be jealous of the fact that she belonged to him. She didn’t think she would be able to go through with it once she looked at herself in the mirror, no-one at work had ever seen her like this, with her hair up, lipstick, mascara. She’d always tried to avoid the work parties, although most of them had been at the office and nobody dressed up for them. She only ever looked like this for her husband, when he had plans for her. And she knew he had plans, he’d told her not to wear knickers.

By the time they arrived for the dinner she was a wreck, her imagination working overtime as usual, thinking about all the things that could happen. But surely he wouldn’t take the chance of causing her trouble at work? He was proud of her, of what she’d achieved. He wouldn’t, would he? As they got out of the taxi, as she felt his warm hand on her back, suddenly she felt calm.

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