Word for Wednesday #12

I couldn’t decide on a word today, so I was going to go with indecision. But when I was browsing through some of the online dictionary sites I came across a word whose meaning means (sorry) a lot to me.

Mauka: (mah-oo-ka) Towards the mountains, inland. Hawaiian term formed from the directional particle ma- and uka meaning “inland, upland”.

I live on the edge, beside the Atlantic. I’m not right on the shore but it’s only a five minute walk. Every day when I walk my son to school, we walk beside the sea. And when I continue my walk to college there is a section of the walk that gives me amazing views. On my left is the sea and ahead of me and to the right are the mountains, I don’t think I could give up that view, not easily anyway. If I want to travel anywhere I have to go towards the mountains, inland.


I’ve lived in Kerry for nearly 15 years now and I love living here, I love my sea and my mountains. In summer when the weather is good there’s no reason to go on holiday. We have some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere, and some of them barely have any visitors at all (I’m starting to sound like an ad for Kerry tourism), but I am so lucky to be able to live here. At this time of year the terrain can make for some spectacular weather. I know I complain about it, but when the rain is lashing against the house and the wind is whistling down the chimney, so long as I don’t actually have to go out, there isn’t anywhere else I’d rather be. It’s more home to me than anywhere else I’ve ever lived.

Strange weather

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4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Growling up in county Wicklow, I understand the joy of being close to both mountains and the sea and it is something I miss terribly since moving away from there. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country. I envy those morning walks of yours!
    K x

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