The Boss’s Dinner Continued

Masturbation Monday #8

As this is turning out to be a longer story than originally planned I’ve given the characters names. The woman is Susannah, her husband is Robert and the boss’s name is Mark. The plot has also developed a little twist – before leaving home Robert tells Susannah he has a little surprise planned for her which he’ll tell her about after they’ve finished at the boss’s house.

You can read part one here and part two here .

Pre-dinner drinks were difficult, Susannah kept glancing over to where Robert and Mark stood deep in conversation – her husband and her boss, she hadn’t expected Robert to become so chatty. He was usually much more reserved, especially with strangers, he preferred to get to know people gradually. She wondered what they were talking about, worried that Robert would say something, she had no idea how much he’d had to drink. And they still had to go to his ‘little surprise’ afterwards. She couldn’t concentrate on anything much, couldn’t keep track of the conversations going on around her. She was still nursing the same glass of white wine she’d been handed soon after they’d arrived, sipping at it occasionally. She looked around and realised she didn’t know anyone else, which wasn’t really surprising considering how big the company was, but she had hoped to see at least one friendly face. She tried to pay attention to what was being said in the small group she was with, before she’d managed to get an idea of what they were talking about, Robert appeared beside her. He put an arm around her waist and she relaxed against him.

“You two seem to be getting on well. What were you talking about?” Robert nuzzled her ear.

“You.” Suddenly she was worried again. “Mark goes to the gym, turns out I’ve known your boss for quite some time.” Susannah felt as if she’d been punched in the stomach, Robert tightened his grip on her, as her legs threatened to give way. Held her until she steadied herself. “I didn’t know he was your boss Susannah. Not until tonight.” She didn’t know whether to believe him or not.  “He’d like to talk to you. We both want to talk to you.”

“You bastard!” She hissed and turned to walk away. Robert pulled her back towards him. The combination of his hand on the bare skin of her back, the kiss on her neck and the look in his eyes sent a tingle down her spine. Cursing him under her breath as she felt her cunt grow wet, felt her nipples harden against the thin fabric of the dress, knew her face was flushed as he gently pushed her towards Mark. He knew exactly what to do to her.

“That’s my good girl.” Susannah was aware of how she must look as they crossed the room, she was aware of several people looking at her as tried not to trip in the ridiculous heels Robert had made her wear. Mark watched her, sipping his drink, the calculating look on his face making her even more aroused. He gave her a peck on the cheek, his hand on her arm. She felt trapped. As much as she’d thought about fucking him, being fucked by him, Robert’s revelation had put her off balance. Now she didn’t know what to do.

“Are you OK? You’re looking a little flustered.”

“Actually no, I don’t feel well. Where’s the bathroom?”

“I’ll show you.” Susannah wanted a few minutes alone. She didn’t want to look like a complete fool in front of these people.

“Just tell me where, I’ll find it. You two can have another little chat about me” He took her by the elbow.

“Oh no, we can’t have you wandering around by yourself, you might get lost.” He smiled down at her as he led her from the room, Robert followed.

She tried to make conversation as they walked along the hallway. Wanted to appear her normal self, as if none of it bothered her.

“I didn’t recognise any of your other guests. Didn’t anyone from our department come?” They stopped in front of door which Mark pushed open to reveal a huge bathroom, all marble floor and mirrors. Susannah was speechless as he led her inside, Robert closed and locked the door.

“No-one here is from the company Susannah. Look, I need to talk to you.” He looked across at Robert. “We both have some explaining to do.”

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