A Whole New World

Word for Wednesday #13

My word for this week is more than just a word, it’s an entire world.

Discworld: The Discworld is the setting of most of the books by Terry Pratchett. It is a magical world in the shape of a disc which – as in certain well-known ancient cosmologies – is mounted on top of four giant elephants which are standing on a giant turtle. Another (possibly better) description would be “like a geological pizza but without the anchovies”. The Discworld universe operates through the effects of narrativium, which explains its fundamental properties. http://wiki.lspace.org/mediawiki/Discworld_(world)

I read my first Discworld book 22 years ago at the tender age of 26 (has it really been that long?). The book was ‘Eric’ and after reading it I was hooked. I have a pretty good collection – all of the Discworld novels (except ‘The Shepherd’s Crown’), many of the other accompanying books, maps and a couple of diaries as well as most of Pterry’s non-Discworld books, I have a few pieces from The Discworld Emporium too. I attended the first two Irish Discworld Conventions, and at the first in 2009 I was lucky enough to meet the man in the hat. I still have the goody bags and bits and pieces (including a tooth from The Hogfather).

For most of my life I have felt as if I didn’t belong, I didn’t fit in, anywhere. The Discworld books helped me to retain a form of sanity, even if the books were a little bit crazy. A lot of people have said the same thing. But attending the conventions felt like going home. I finally felt I was with people who were like me, people who understood me. I know that feeling comes from being able to talk to people who I have things in common with, it’s happened since with my creative friends, and with this blog, but it was the first time I’d ever met people who I could actually talk to about something I loved. And I discovered that some people were even more addicted than I was!

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