My Advent Calendar

Word for Wednesday #14


I apologise in advance for the nature of this post but I really, really fucking hate Christmas. And I know I’m a day late but here’s my own advent calendar. And thanks to MoonlightDancer @Kats_my_Name_ who posted this picture on her Twitter yesterday when she started a Bah Humbug Gang 🙂

She also hosts Word for Wednesday over at Kittykat-bitsandbobs

Bah Humbug

25 reasons why I hate Christmas:

  1. It seems to start earlier every year.
  2. Ridiculously commercial.
  3. Too much stress for just one day.
  4. When the decorations go up around town I feel as if I’m living inside a pinball machine.
  5. Too many people spend money they don’t have to give presents to people they don’t even like.
  6. Too many people spend money they don’t have to give people things they neither want nor need.
  7. School nativity plays.
  8. So called Christians celebrating without sparing one thought for those less fortunate.
  9. Christmas markets.
  10. Christmas fayres.
  11. Re-labelling everything left over from every other holiday through the year as ‘Christmas’ (I’m looking at you, former Hallowe’en Barm Brack)
  12. Crackers.
  13. Decorations falling down ten minutes after they’ve been put up.
  14. Being asked ‘Are you ready for Santy?’
  15. Trying to find somewhere to put the damn tree.
  16. Having to listen to Wham, Mariah Carey and Bruce fucking Springsteen 50 times a day for a month. Please, just kill me now.
  17. Wrapping.
  18. Fucking Sellotape. (not actually ‘fucking’ sellotape, you know what I mean).
  19. Trying to find a loaf of bread or a carton of milk on December 23rd.
  20. Christmas films.
  21. Having to act like I give a shit about any of it.
  22. Advent calendars.
  23. The stupid amount of food people buy.
  24. Because I’m a grumpy bitch.
  25. And the one thing I find really weird about Christmas? The whole Santa thing. Kids are constantly being told about ‘Stranger Danger’ and yet here we are, telling them that if they’re very good, and if they go to sleep early on Christmas Eve, some fat old man is going to come down the chimney, possibly creep into their bedroom and give them presents. And people wonder why they scream their heads off when they have to go into his grotto and sit on his lap.

One thing I do like about this time of year is annoying people who love it.

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13 thoughts on “My Advent Calendar

  1. Reblogged this on Kittykat-bitsandbobs and commented:
    Play along here!

    This week I am using another contributor to W4W as my launch pad. The lovely Cherrytartblog , (a sister Irish sex blogger… yay!), used Christmas as her word this week and wrote a delightfully grinch-style post about it. I found many of my own personal feelings about Christmas reflected in her writing.

    I am not a fan of Xmas at the best of times, but this year I have a heavy dose of the ‘bah-humbugs’.

    At best, I view it as an inconvenience I could really do without. At worst it is a vacuous, commercial and crass celebration of all things materialistic.

    I do not believe in any religion and it feels disingenuous to celebrate a day that I believe simply does not need to exist.

    I wish I could tell my family, as a non Christian, I choose to simply not recognise or celebrate Xmas at all. I do not think that would go down well.

    For many people Xmas is a hellish time of year. People with depression, illness, grief, trouble at home, whatever, feel tremendous pressure join in and enjoy what, for them, is a time to be reminded of how alone they feel.

    I wish we all were not subjected to this social pressure and that those of us that do not want to participate be allowed to treat the day as what it really is… just another day.

    After all… other religions don’t ram their feast days down the throats of the rest of us and they haven’t allowed them to be corrupted into a massive commerical farce.

    For those of you that celebrate I wish you only the best and that you enjoy the festivities.

    For all the rest of you that do not..I wish you only the best too!



    Copyright, 2015,

    All rights reserved.


  2. Bah Humbug!1

    Christmas, IMO, has lost it’s luster and mystery to commercialism and no thought, for those who practice some religions, to the actual meaning. It is like Veterans and Memorial Day (in the USA) just another day to celebrate and party.

    Hate me, unfollow me, block or mute me but a BIG BAH HUMBUG!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bah humbug to you too 🙂
      So many things have lost any sense of meaning. I have absolutely no problem with anyone celebrating anything. What I do object to is not allowing people to NOT celebrate those things. For so many people times like these can be lonely and miserable, and yet no-one wants to take the time to find out why they don’t/can’t enjoy it. We’re all just expected to fall in and enjoy it.


      1. From my perspective everyone is free to do as they wish, just don’t impose or attempt to impose your sense of what is right on me. I will gladly let you do as you wish as long as my choice is also observed. 🙂

        Bah humbug.

        Care for a drink?


  3. I do like Christmas, but still smiled all the way through reading this! Yes to so many of your points – people go abso-bloody-lutely mental. I would never, ever spent so much I got myself into debt – ridiculous. And yes, it’s the toughest time if you’ve lost someone or are alone. Horrendous.
    You did miss one thing off – enforced time in a closed space with people (family) you don’t have much in common with. Mix that with alcohol and the Queen’s speech and it’s Family Break up Boxing Day 🙂

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