Oral Sex

The first Food for Thought Friday 🙂

Food For Thought Friday #1 – Oral Sex


Would you stay in a sexual relationship if oral sex was totally off the table?

My thoughts on this subject? Yes I would.

I’ve never been that fond of oral sex – either giving or receiving. As for giving someone I’ve only just met a blow job? Definitely not happening! And yet it is involved in my favourite fantasies, having to suck a lot of strange cock. Although to be honest it’s more having my face fucked by lots of strange cocks, being made to, not choosing to. Maybe that’s the difference.

Very few of my relationships have involved oral sex, to be honest most of them were just PIV fucking, and weren’t even what I would think of as relationships. No dating, pretty much no conversation, just sex. And I would have to have known the guy for a while before I’d suck his cock. If he wanted to go down on me that was fine, but I rarely enjoyed it, I just wanted him to be done and for him to stick his cock in me. It wasn’t even down to technique, it’s just not my thing. Most of the time I felt uncomfortable rather than turned on by it. The last long ‘proper’ relationship I had lasted for around nine months and when the subject came up he said he didn’t like oral and that was fine by me.

When I first met Sir, after our first night he said he was surprised that I hadn’t sucked his cock, it’s something he really likes and I think he was a bit worried that if we kept seeing each other he’d never, ever have another blow job. I told him that I will do it but it wasn’t my favourite thing to do. Since then, things have changed quite a lot, as regards blow jobs anyway. Now it is one of my favourite things to do, whichever way I do it, whichever way he wants me to do it. I love his cock. But as much as I love giving Sir a blow job it wouldn’t change how I feel about him if, for whatever reason, it I couldn’t do it any more. But then our relationship is about more than just sex. And I’m still not fussed about receiving – unless he makes me.

So to answer the original question properly – if I were in a relationship that was purely based on sex (and I’ve had a couple of those) would I stay if there was no oral sex? Yes I would, providing the sex we had was good sex. If all you have in common is fucking it has to be good.


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