The Boss’s Dinner – Part 5

Masturbation Monday #10

As promised here’s part 5 of the story. You can read the other parts by clicking the links. Part one The Interview, Part two After the Interview, Part three and Part four .

Susannah had always had a thing for tall men and she was pleased that, even in the heels, Mark was still taller than her. She squeezed his cock through his trousers, watching his eyes darken again, she held his gaze. Feeling slightly reckless now she was glad she had only sipped at a single glass, she knew if she’d had more she’d be on her knees in front of him right now, his cock down her throat. But being with Robert had at least taught her to have some control. She let go of his cock and trailed her nails up his body, exerting just enough pressure for him to be able to feel it through his shirt. Sliding her hand under his jacket and across his back, her other hand going to the back of his neck, pulling his ear to her mouth. She whispered in his ear “Do you want me Mark? Do you want me to leave my marks on you as you fuck me?” The sound of his breathing telling her all she needed to know as she scraped her nails across his shirt. She pushed her hips against his, and watched Robert in the mirror watching her as she slowly rubbed herself against Mark’s erection. She wanted Robert behind her, wanted to feel him there, his hands sliding the dress from her shoulders, wanted their hands on her body, wanted them kissing her, biting her neck. And though she wasn’t sure if it was even possible in this position, she wanted to feel Mark’s cock slide into her aching cunt as Robert’s cock forced it way into her arse. Wanted to be filled by them, held between them as they fucked her. She was close to coming she had to pull away from Mark, and she could see by the look of amusement on his face as she struggled to gain some control again he knew exactly how she felt too. He pulled her back towards him and this time he whispered in her ear.

“I want the same thing you want.” He slid a hand up her thigh and under her dress. She gasped as his fingers found her clit, dipped between her lips. Robert watched as Mark lifted Susannah’s dress to her hips, a hiss escaping from between his lips as Mark eased his leg between Susannah’s stockinged thighs. “I want what Robert wants.” She moaned as his fingers slipped inside her cunt. “Why don’t you come and tell Susannah what you want, Robert?” Within a second Robert was standing in front of her, not the position she’d imagined, but still she was crushed between them, couldn’t help the keening noises that escaped as Mark continued to slowly finger fuck her. She could feel her juices running down her legs, barely aware of anything now as Robert started to talk to her, his fingers squeezing her nipples through her dress.

“I want this, Suze. To watch your face as someone else uses you, fucks you. To watch while they make you come. To see what they can get you to do, how much cock you’ll choke on…” The rest of his words were lost in the intensity of the orgasm that crashed over her, sobbing, she collapsed to the floor as they stepped away from her, tears making her mascara run, she curled up on the tiled floor unable to absorb the sensations flooding through her body. Mark bent down, stroked her face.

“Come and join us when you feel ready.”

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