Taking A Break

I wrote this last year –

Dear Writers block,

It’s not you, it’s me. I’m sorry but I can’t go on like this. I need to find myself, find my voice, who I really am.

I know we’ve been together for so long now. You’ve been a part of my life forever it seems. But I wasn’t always like this. I used to be able to speak up for myself, I know that was a long time ago, but, the time has come, old friend, for us to go our separate ways.

I know you had a lot of help along the way, others who were on your side, others who wanted to stifle me, who wanted me to stay silent, to not speak out, to not shout my truths from the rooftops, so I say to you now, go, find them and be happy because I know that they will welcome you with open arms, their minds are still willing to welcome you and close in on you, hold you close and treasure you beyond all else. They do not need to open their minds, they are happy in their small lives with their limited view, their voices speak loud in their heads and they have no need for others to hear them.

Please don’t contact me again as you have nothing to say to me that I want to hear.

But I wish you happiness in the future and I forgive you.

Unfortunately WB is back or maybe it’s his friend Mental Block because it’s not just the writing – I can’t concentrate on anything lately – too much trying, too much technology, too much of everything – I’m having a brain overload.

So I’m going back to basics for a couple of days – no typing, no internet – paper and pen, go walking if it’s not raining.

See you in a few days!

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