As You Can See…

…I couldn’t stay away.

Wicked Wednesday #15 Boundaries: We all have our boundaries, whether it’s in our professional, personal or sex lives. We all have things we will do, and things we will never do. Setting your boundaries is one thing, but making it clear to another is something different. Please share your thoughts and/or stories about boundaries.

I have a problem setting myself limits in life. Actually, I don’t have problems setting limits as much as I have a problem keeping to them. When I find something new that interests me it can become something of an obsession. Hours at a time are given up to my new discovery. Just two examples – when I learnt how to crochet it was all I did, morning, noon and night. One particular day I spent 18 hours crocheting a long cardi, which I never wore, and six months later I undid it to make something else. When I found MOOCs (online courses) I signed up for everything that interested me – and because of the way they work I’d often complete a six week course in a few days. One good thing to come out of doing a fiction one was that at least it got me writing again 🙂

I’m finding the same thing happening now with this blog. I love what I’m doing, I love the interaction with people, I love the memes but I’ve found over the last couple of weeks I’m putting so much pressure on myself to post all the time that I’m getting annoyed with myself if I can’t produce something. When I started out I had no plans to post every day. Three or four times a week would be great. That was mainly because I didn’t think I’d have enough different ideas for posts (turns out I was wrong about that).

Yesterday I said I was going to take a few days off – I can’t even do that! Truth is I miss it too much. But I’m going to try and stop feeling bad if I don’t post something.

And the weather’s been so bad I couldn’t go out. I spent some time editing some more photos. Here’s one I really like

I Like This One

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7 thoughts on “As You Can See…

  1. I guess we all get to a point where we realize how hard we are on ourselves and that the most important thing of all is that we respect our own boundaries. Never feel guilty if you cannot get to blogging. Just do what feels good for you and don’t push yourself too hard. Blogging is supposed to be nice, not a job 🙂

    Rebel xox

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  2. I so get that all or nothing thing – I am exactly the same. Gym for six months, then zip. A book up until the middle, then zip. Diet, or eat like a horse. Blog, or not. BUT, with blogging / writing / everything – do exactly what you want to do. Don’t pressurise yourself even though we might pressure you.


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    1. I know that I obsess about some things but it can take me a long time to realise that I’ve got to that stage. I’m getting better, and the majority of the pressure is from me.
      N.B. I FUCKING CROCHET!!! (sometimes)


  3. Beautiful photo! I love it.

    Oh wow! Are we twins? I am a 100% or 0% person! I have a very addictive/obsessive personality and, like you, I develope intense passions for things for a while, until I master the subject and then I need a new stimulus. It can be exhausting! But it’s how I’m wired. Hey, at least we are never boring!
    Kat x


  4. My problem is that I have too many ideas at once and then they never get written because I don’t have time to write them all right then and then I forget about them. I deliberately try not to post daily content because I feel like I lose page views on specific posts when I do that. I also don’t have time because of my work schedule, so that’s why my posts tend to be clustered between Friday and Monday.

    I’d love to participate in more memes, but it’s hard simply because of the number of them. And for some reason, I feel like I shouldn’t make every post I do part of a meme. Maybe that’s just a ridiculous quirk of mine, but it’s part of the obsessive-compulsive thing I have going.

    Also, I put pictures with all my posts and sometimes I just don’t have the lighting or material for decent cell phone photography for daily posts. XD

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