I’ve never owned a full length mirror, I’ve never stood and looked at myself, naked, in front of a mirror. I hate mirrors. I hate seeing myself, my body, my face. Even though I’ve pretty much come to accept my body (99%) – it is what it is – I still don’t like looking at it. I take photographs and post them here. But when I’m editing them I don’t think of it as editing photographs of me. It’s just a photograph, I edit to get the best effect, the same as I would with any photo.

So, this is a first, this is me. No editing, no filters – it is what it is.

Just Me

I don’t know why today I’ve decided to do this. I think I’m fed up of seeing images of ‘perfect’ bodies, male and female. No-one really looks like that do they? All perfect skin, perfect figures, abs, cocks, tits. And I’ve been seeing so much about what ‘real’ women are supposed to do, what they’re like, what they want – none of it seems even remotely relevant to me, or my life, it never has. So maybe I’m not a real woman?

And you know what? If that’s what it takes to be a ‘real’ woman?

I’m so fucking glad that I’m not one!

I love me, just the way I am, even with all my imperfections 🙂

20 thoughts on “Imperfections

  1. I hate the term “real woman” too! Who the fuck is she?!
    I applaud your courage to share an untouched photo, you are a braver soul than I.
    I see a lovely soft, curvy body. A very feminine one.
    You go girl!

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  2. Thank you for showing the real woman. This is what I see as beauty of a true woman. Today’s images, some photo-shopped, appear only as eye candy, but is a poor representation of the real. There are many sites that show the real pictures that is more appropriate. Try a similar photograph with a slight curl while lying in bed. You will see a whole new look.

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