Stuck in a Rut

Word for Wednesday #16

Ennui: A feeling of being bored and mentally tired caused by having nothing exciting or interesting to do.

This definitely describes the last few days. I have a lot of things to do, but nothing interesting or exciting. Not for me anyway. All the Christmas preparations – decorating, wrapping, shopping, housework, washing. Dull, dull and fucking dull.

And it’s not that I’m unhappy, far from it. I feel better than I have in a while. Things are just routine, something to do with the time of year. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it’s cold, grey and miserable outside.

Things I’d rather be doing:

Taking lots of photos – house full of kids it’s not easy to get nekkid. Weather’s too bad for outdoor photography.

Writing – Taking a break because the words aren’t there.

Talking shit – Everyone’s too busy talking Christmas.

Anything apart from what I am doing – I want to go somewhere, do something. It would be nice to be somewhere warm.

Laugh, love, live – I just want to feel like I’m doing something rather than lots of nothing.

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