I’ve been taking the meds for about three weeks now, so it’s still early days. Emotionally I’m stable, which is good. But I’m emotionally stable feeling nothing much, which isn’t so good. It’s the nothingness I want to be rid of.

Physically I feel like shit, and before you ask, I haven’t overindulged. I had two small glasses of wine on Christmas day, nothing since. I haven’t overeaten either. I just feel sick most of the time. I have to actually make myself eat and drink something.

I’m sleeping twelve hours at night, which I rarely do, and an hour after I get up I want to go back to bed. I want to spend all day in my jammies 🙂

So, pros and cons, weighing it up, does the emotional lack make the other stuff worthwhile? Right now, I suppose I’m glad to just have a break from the rollercoaster. And like I said, it’s only been three weeks, and with it being school holidays it’s not been the usual routine.

So I’ll keep re-assessing how I’m feeling, hope the nausea goes away and my sleep patterns return to something like normal.

The one thing I know I can’t put up with long-term is the emotional deadness.


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