Food For Thought Friday #6 – A Line Crossed.

A few weeks ago, we asked you about what constituted cheating in a relationship. This week we are upping the ante a bit by asking:

Have you ever cheated? If so, what were the reasons behind it, and how did you feel afterwards?

Yes I’ve cheated. Several times, as often as I could actually – but only on my ex. The main reason behind it was because he was a complete domineering prick. We met when I was 15, he was 20. He told me he was 18 – the first of many lies. There were a lot of other reasons behind it too, none of which I really feel like dragging up again right now. Afterwards I felt nothing, I certainly didn’t feel any guilt about it. I just looked forward to the next time.

Now, on days like today when I think about it, I wonder how I wasted so much time letting him make me feel like crap. That’s why I don’t think about it.

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One thought on “Cheating

  1. I’m so glad you got out of a toxic relationship.
    Don’t forget to post your link in the F4TF comment box!
    Delighted you contributed again.


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