There’s Something About Spanking

So, it’s been a while since I’ve written a story. The words just haven’t been there. They seem to be coming back though 😀

This isn’t the best thing I’ve ever written but it’s something. (And there are photos too!)


She shivers slightly as she gets ready, partly from the cold, partly from the thrill of the feeling as she draws the stocking up her leg. The thoughts of him running through her head makes her stomach flutter. Thinking about how much he appreciates the fact that she dresses up for him, her hand shakes slightly as she applies the lipstick, it was the reddest one she could find. Sometimes she wishes she could go on a proper shopping trip, somewhere with decent shops, buy better make-up, fishnets – she’d love a pair of those, or ones with seams.

She feels herself getting wet as she slides her feet into the absurdly high heels she managed to find in town. They don’t really fit her properly but at least when she wears them she’s tall enough for him when he bends her over and fucks her from behind. She slides a hand between her legs, feels her wetness, but she knows she can’t make herself feel the way he makes her feel when he touches her. She lights a cigarette, noticing the lipstick on the filter, takes a few photographs to accompany the words she writes, wonders when he’ll see them.


Will they get him hard. She misses him, misses his hands, his mouth, his cock. What she really wants now though is for him to drag her over his knee, bare her arse and spank her, it’s been so long she can’t remember the last time. He spanks her in bed but it’s not the same, not the same as being over his knee, one hand on the back of her neck while the other strokes her arse, her thighs, between her legs. He knows she’ll be wet before the first slap lands, how much she loves it, the reddening skin, the marks he leaves. It’s hard to describe how it makes her feel, it’s so different to anything else, but it something she craves even without being able to define why.

She smiles ruefully as she stubs out the cigarette, takes off the shoes and changes back into her practical, everyday persona. Her spanking is something that’ll have to wait for another day, just like the shopping trip.


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18 thoughts on “There’s Something About Spanking

  1. I liked this one a lot. And I can identify with plenty – the wanting to create the perfect image with the right make-up, accessories, clothing, all of it. The need for something from a different time, something more intense, more personal even than what they already have. You gave me the shivers on this one. Love it! (And welcome back!)

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