On Being Naked

Food For Thought Friday #7

This week we would like to know how you feel about being naked…

Are you at ease being naked? Do you feel more comfortable clothed or unclothed? Can you explain why you feel this way?

This is a tricky one for me to answer. I’ve never been at ease being naked, it’s taken me a long time to accept the way I look and I’m still not all the way there. And yet when it comes to sex it’s not something I even really think about, (except with my ex – all sex was under the covers and in the dark, I didn’t want him looking at me and I always wore pyjamas when I slept. I just didn’t want him touching me at all). In my experience, and I may be being a bit sexist, most men are happy enough that you want to fuck them and they’re not focused on how you look at all. I know some have preferences for boobs, bum, whatever, but in the heat of the moment they don’t care. I’ve never had any complaints anyway 🙂 The first time you get naked with someone can be a bit scary but if things are going the way they’re supposed to, or even if they aren’t – because, let’s face it, sex can be slightly ridiculous sometimes – it becomes less of an issue, one of the reasons I prefer spontaneous over planned for a first time. Planning lets all those nasty little voices take over.

In everyday non-sexual life you’re more likely to find me in my fleecy jammies and slippers, this climate isn’t one to encourage nudity. And I have a houseful of boys so I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to be walking around naked. They’re quite happy wandering around in their boxers or a pair of shorts and I don’t see there’s anything wrong with that, I’m certainly not going to give them any lectures about covering up, young people have enough to deal with in that area. I don’t want them to be uncomfortable about their looks, shape or size and I do pull them up if they make a comment about how someone else looks. I’m trying to teach them about respecting all differences and to actually think before they open their mouths, it’s easy to hurt someone unintentionally with a thoughtless comment.

The last year has seen a change in my attitude towards myself, or photos of myself anyway. The thought of taking photographs, or having someone else taking photographs, of me – not a fucking chance! Now I’m happily looking for the next chance to take loads, it’s weird but I never see it as taking photographs of me, it’s a project, I have an idea and I go with it. Some work better than others but the more I take the easier it becomes, especially now I have a camera with a timer. I do edit my photos, but more because I’m going for a certain feeling rather than because of the way I look and I have posted a couple of unedited shots. Whatever the photo, pressing publish is always the hardest thing, but I’ve been lucky that I’ve only ever had positive comments. It can be a bit overwhelming if I think about how many people have seen my bits! And I absolutely love taking part in the different memes such as Sinful Sunday and Boobday, the support and positivity from these communities is amazing, they have done so much for my confidence and self image and I love seeing what others post too.

The one thing I still have an issue with is getting dressed in front of someone. I don’t know why this should be a problem, after all, when someone has seen everything, why should I still feel uncomfortable covering up after? Just the strange way my brain is wired I suppose.


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Just Me

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16 thoughts on “On Being Naked

  1. You are beautiful, as those pictures show. Never believe anyone who says anything different. Your boldness and courage with posting those pics, is an attractive quality.

    In the moment, the person and their body are one, for me it’s a question of who that person is as much as what they look like. No one is perfect, but the right person is ideal, no matter what.

    Another great post

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    1. Thank you 🙂
      Posting the photos and comments like this go a long way to reinforcing the positive thoughts I’m starting to have about myself.
      Sex is a complicated business. People are so much more than just their body, something I think that can get forgotten about.

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  2. I can relate on so many levels!
    (On a selfish note, I am relieved to not be the only one less than comfortable naked… I was starting to feel in the minority!)
    I think there is a vulnerability involved in getting dressed you know… we are bending over, things wobble or droop maybe… that could be a possible reason for your discomfort?
    I agree that Sinful Sunday has been a very positive experience and has great value.
    I admire you so much for posting unedited shots. That is a truly great step in total self acceptance and I salute you!
    Kat x

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    1. I don’t know if I’d ever be comfortable walking around naked, too concious of the wobbly bits 😀 I won’t even go swimming!
      I have no idea why I don’t like getting dressed in front of someone, it just feels more private somehow? Weird :/

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