How Many?

Food For Thought Friday #8

What’s the magic number?  This week we turn our thoughts to how much we need to share about our pasts with current partners

 Do you need or expect to know how many previous sexual encounters your current sexual partner has had? Is it any of your business?

I know the question asks about current partner, but this is how I’ve always felt.

The magic number is one of those things that pops up every now and again, I read an article about a survey carried out by a website for extra-marital dating that the majority of men and women thought 10 was the ‘Goldilocks’ number. Hmmm, yeah, whatever. Truth is there isn’t an ideal number, some people have long relationships that end and may only have had sexual encounters with a few people, others may have a different one (or more) every day. It really doesn’t bother me how many sexual encounters my partners have had, and what is a sexual encounter anyway? A quick drunken fumble? Oral? Penatrative sex? Even a look, a text or kiss can be a sexual encounter if it’s done right.

Truth is, it’s not something I expect or need to know, it’s not really any of my business unless their past encounters interfere too much with our encounter (baggage, been there a few times) Some people want to share but again there is such a thing as too much information, I don’t really want to know every tiny detail just as I don’t want to share every detail of my past encounters. And never, ever compare!

I suppose in some ways it’s nice to know how much experience someone has had in general, although quantity is certainly no guarantee of quality and there is something about the thought of having an encounter with someone with little experience, as long as they are willing to learn 😉

As for me, I am am unashamedly a slut, I haven’t sat down and counted how many, but I’d say it’s definitely more than ten but probably less than a hundred 😀

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5 thoughts on “How Many?

  1. People attach too much importance to simple numbers, it doesn’t describe quality of the partners or how they made you feel, nor do they detract from the right person’s impact.

    It also falls under the catergory of no-one’s business. If you want to say, then say, if you don’t then you don’t. I don’t have my wife’s number, but I have her heart, I know which one I value.

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  2. That’s funny…it bothered me when I was young but now I could care less. I think I worry about a man with less sexual partners to be honest and I honk “run! Lack of experience!” I like a cowboy who has been to a few rodeos!! 😉

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