First Times

Food For Thought Friday #9


The “loss” of virginity is commonly held to be the first time that you had penetrative sex with someone. This, however, is just one of a range of sexual “firsts” that we have and, quite likely, wasn’t even the first of those “firsts”. So, today we are asking:

What was the first overtly sexual act you performed on someone else or had performed on you? How did you feel about it afterwards?

I wasn’t at all sure I was going to write about this. Mainly because I have no real idea how. My first experience of an overtly sexual act would have been when I was 13 or 14, I can’t even remember exactly when, but I do remember him, he was 15 or 16. It was just bizarre. I’d go to his, he’d been in his room, curtains drawn and he’d be listening to music, getting stoned. We’d lie there for a while cuddling, kissing and then he’d want me to take off my trousers and knickers, I’d lie there while he finger me and that was it. He never wanted anything else, no blow job or for me to give him a wank, he never mentioned having sex, he never wanked – at least not while I was there. The whole thing just seems weird when I think back now. I know everybody is different but he was a teenage boy! He had a girl in his bedroom! I’m generalising but most teenage boys wanted more than he did. We went out for a few weeks and this happened a few times but I never felt anything much, not turned on, or guilty about it. It was just a strange situation.

One good thing that came of it though has been a lifelong love of The Specials.

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