Would You?

Masturbation Monday #13

Early morning, lying in bed spooning. His hands stroking her body lazily as she snuggles back into him.

‘So,’ he asks, ‘threesomes. Would you really?’ His hand caressing her.


‘A man or woman?’ Still stroking her.

‘Either, I don’t mind.’ He pinches her nipple, making her gasp.

‘I’d like to see you with another woman.’ His hand slides between her legs, stroking still. ‘To taste her on you, and then make you watch while I fucked her.’ He flips her onto her back and she opens her legs to him. His fingers inside her. ‘Always wet, always willing. You’re such a little slut aren’t you?’ She arches her hips towards him, moaning, wanting his fingers deeper inside her.

‘Yes Sir, I’m your little slut.’ She whispers as he lies between her legs, teasing her now with his cock. ‘Please.’ She whimpers.

‘Please what?’ As he slides a little way inside, pulling back as she lifts her hips towards him again.

‘Please, fuck me Sir.’ He wraps a hand in her hair, pulls her head back and bites at her neck. ‘Please.’

‘My little greedy cock whore, what will you do? I don’t think a threesome would be enough for you would it?’ He slides his cock into her. ‘I think you’d love to have more, a lot more, all your holes filled over and over. More men watching, wanking, waiting for their turn with the greedy little slut.’ He fucks her slow and hard, talking to her all the time, about what they’ll do to her. ‘I want to watch them use you, in any way they want.’ She can’t speak, can only think about what he says to her, can only think about the sensation of him inside her, until she comes, clinging to him. He stops for a moment. ‘You squirted, again. I really think I need to arrange it. Don’t you?’ She laughs then.

‘Yes Sir, I really think you do.’

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