The Perfect Outfit

Friday Flash #1

Hosted by the divine F. Leonora, photo courtesy of the lovely Big Miss Naughty. I was really hoping to be able to contribute to this. I made it, just!   😀


She likes browsing online, so much easier to find what you’re looking for, especially here. Living somewhere fifty miles from the nearest major town, a hundred and fifty from the nearest Ann Summers shop can make life somewhat difficult when you’re looking for that special something. Not that she knows exactly what she wants, just that she’ll know when she sees it.

Thinking back to how things used to be, before the internet came along. At least she’d been living in London. Not that things were much better then. Any shopping for certain items would have involved a visit to some seedy back street adult store, she’d walked past enough of them. Not that there had been a vast amount of choice either, especially when it came to the toys. Ridiculously large, hard plastic dicks were what she remembered. Maybe things hadn’t been that bad but she’d never really had a reason to buy things like that. Maybe it would have been different if they’d met back then, before her life turned to shit, back then when she’d had a life, when she still had her dreams.

Sometimes they talk about it, if they’d met then, what would their lives have been like. But she doesn’t think things would have worked, the fire and heat between them would have destroyed them both, it’s as much as she can deal with now sometimes. She can’t resist him, his touch, his voice, she would willingly do almost anything for him. Almost. It scares her to think of what he could have made her do.

She goes back to her browsing, page after page, toys, accessories, rope, underwear, corsets. Nothing catches her eye, until, oh yes, she thinks Sir would like that. She knows she will. It’s something she’d often thought about, there used to be adverts in the back pages of newspapers for them. When she was younger they’d made her giggle, but also triggered the heat in her belly, between her legs. The thought of wearing something that left nothing to the imagination.

A black fishnet bodystocking.


Friday Flash

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