Word For Wednesday #22 and February Photofest Day 24

My word for this week is simplicity.

Definition of simplicity – the quality of being easy to understand or use, the state or quality of being plain or not fancy or complicated, something that is simple or ordinary but enjoyable

I like things to be simple. I don’t like drama, surprises or complications. I really don’t like having change things, just leave me in my little corner and I’ll toddle along quite happily, doing what I need to do. Unfortunately the last couple of weeks things have gotten a bit more complicated. Because I’m no longer going to college I’ve had to think about what I am going to do. I thought I’d either get a part-time job or find a place on one of the CE schemes (Community Employment) where basically you have to do 19 hours of something a week. But the thought of it just makes me feel ill. My other option is to sign on sick for a while and hope I can get myself together enough to do something. Letter from the doctor, fill in a form and done. Simple, right? If only.

Trips back and forth between the doctors and social welfare are things I can do without. I hate relying on benefits but I’ve never been able to earn enough to pay my own way (wish I got paid for blogging).

Anyhoo, my simple plan has become a bit more convoluted than I’d hoped but fingers crossed should be sorted soon. Then once I don’t have to stress about college/job/etc. I am going to get down to some serious editing and re-writing of my novel, become a best-selling author and never have to worry about paying the bills again!

Simplicity itself. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to write some smut 😀

*The acronym KISS was reportedly coined by Kelly Johnson, lead engineer at the Lockheed Skunk Works (creators of the Lockheed U-2 and SR-71 Blackbird spy planes, among many others).

While popular usage has transcribed it for decades as “Keep it simple, stupid”, Johnson transcribed it as “Keep it simple stupid” (no comma), and this reading is still used by many authors. There was no implicit meaning that an engineer was stupid; just the opposite. The principle is best exemplified by the story of Johnson handing a team of design engineers a handful of tools, with the challenge that the jet aircraft they were designing must be repairable by an average mechanic in the field under combat conditions with only these tools. Hence, the “stupid” refers to the relationship between the way things break and the sophistication available to repair them.

The acronym has been used by many in the United States Air Force and the field of software development.

One of life’s simple pleasures, a nice, hot bath 😀

bathtime3 B+W

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7 thoughts on “K.I.S.S*

  1. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that everything works out as you hope it will. It’s tough to remain positive when life does it’s best to grind you into the dirt, and I’ve been there more times than I care to remember.

    Good luck…and lovely image. I could spend hours soaking in a candlelit bath 🙂


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