Not A Dirty Story.


Horny Hour #8

Prompt #12


So yesterday (or today as I am writing this) was apparently national drink wine day. So it seemed only sensible to use that for this weeks prompt.

First off I like to say this isn’t what I was planning to post for Horny Hour, there will be another part of the story (or something equally filthy) very soon, promise.

I’ve had a week of to-ing and fro-ing to various appointments this week and I’m temporarily sorted out. I have a couple of months breathing space to decide whether I want to re-enter the real world or go sick long-term. Time will tell.

In the next couple of months I am seriously going to work on my novel, I’m not intending for it to have an impact on the blog. I have hours now when I can do what I like and not have to worry that I should be doing something else (and I may even post extracts).

The reason this post links into the prompt is that the one thing I really look forward to, one of the things that has kept me going, is the glass or two of wine I have of an evening when Sir is here. I don’t usually drink when he isn’t here and I really enjoy our routine. On Friday he drives down after work and we talk. Sometimes we have dinner, sometimes not. But I love just lying beside him, talking, kissing and just enjoying each others company. Saturday is Netflix and chill, and another couple of glasses. And we drink just enough. Just enough to add a little something extra. I like a couple of drinks before sex and I don’t want to lose that, but one of the medications I’ve been prescribed tells me I can’t drink. So, for now, I’m not taking those tablets, they’re the new ones for anxiety, which isn’t too bad (mostly) and my doctor is away (typical). So until I get to talk to him and get something else I’ll just be taking the anti-depressants.

I need to keep hold of the little things.

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