Almost Over

February Photofest Day 27

Almost the end of February, almost the end of February Photofest 😦

I’ve enjoyed it, although some days it’s been a challenge to find a photo I’m happy with, but I suppose that’s part of the idea.

I’ll still be taking and posting photographs but it probably won’t be every day, sorry 🙂

I took some new ones this morning and I’m not really happy with any of them, too rushed and too lazy really. It can be difficult to find quiet time to take a decent photo and sometimes there’s no inspiration either. But I am going to work on it!

I thought I’d post a few, different crops, different edits because I couldn’t pick one.

11 thoughts on “Almost Over

  1. This collage is lovely, and the burgundy looks amazing on you 🙂

    I’ve been raiding my pics folders for old images I hadn’t previously used, or re-edited ones I have already used. I did take some new one the other day, so have a new one to use on Sunday, but as you say, it’s not always easy to find time or the inspiration to take pictures!


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