Thoughts on Facial Hair

Kink of the Week Feb 16-29: Facial Hair

Man with beard and candy in his mouth

Image courtesy of Eugene Noale

So this one is pretty straight forward I think, do you have a thing for facial hair or not?

Do you love a man with a full thick beard, or maybe a mustache? What about a neatly trimmed goatee or is a full set of side burns? Do you love a man with 5 o’clock shadow or maybe you prefer him cleanly shaven? What it is about his facial hair, or lack of that does it for you? Alternatively maybe you are just not bothered, does how he keeps his facial hair make no difference to you whatsoever. What do you find sexy about a man’s facial hair?

Gentlemen, what about you? Do you remember your first shave? Did you teach yourself or maybe it was a rite of passage shared with a parent or parent figure. Is shaving a necessary evil or do you enjoy it? Maybe you have given up shaving and grown a beard. If so, why and have you always been that way or did you suddenly decide to make a change? Has anyone ever commented on your choice of facial hair? Have you ever had a partner who got off on your being shaved or bearded? Would you/have you changed your facial hair-styling preference for a partner if they expressed a preference?

Whatever your point of view about facial hair lets hear about it!

I never really thought I had a ‘type’. I was never particularly drawn to one type of man. I think the only thing that I really looked for was someone who was taller than me, and as I’m not that tall it wasn’t a problem. When it came to facial hair as I got older if a man had a goatee and a shaved head I’d find that attracted me more than if he were clean shaven, but the most important thing to me was that he had a cock. I didn’t care about facial hair. Although it does feel good, I love the feel of stubble against my skin. I had never been with anyone with a full beard though, I just never met anyone who had one.

I still don’t mind about facial hair, I still prefer a goatee over clean-shaven but since I’ve been with Sir I’ve also come to appreciate a full beard. He started growing it this time last year and it was pretty impressive, it was soft and I know at times he found it annoying but he persevered. He’s always wanted a big beard. And then, a couple of weeks ago, spur of the moment, he shaved it off. It was strange to see his face again, but it really doesn’t make a difference to me. Hairy or not, he’s still Sir. (Although I do hope he grows it again).

This was last October.


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