Word for Wednesday # 24


A very late Word for Wednesday.

This week’s word is Wogeous – woefully bad or awful.

I was reminded of this word this week when I was reading an article, can’t remember what about, the election I think. And I thought about all the other Irishisms, words I have gotten used to over the last few years and no longer even think about.

I remember when I first moved here, the first time I went to do a full weeks shop, walking around the local supermarket and almost crying because I had no idea what to buy, having to work around the money – Irish punt instead of sterling – I knew in England exactly what I could get for my money. And the accent, I spent all my holidays as a kid here but I was used to east coast, Dublin, Wicklow and here I was in Kerry where some people spoke so fast and with such a thick accent it took a few minutes to realise they were speaking English and not Gaelic. I’ve been living here for 15 years now, so you’d think I’d be used to Irishness. And I am, but every now and again something reminds me of it. The way that all crisps are Tayto’s, red lemonade, talking about the weather, and when I saw Naomi Campbell tweet about Ali Hewson referring to her and Kate Moss as wagons, funny shit.

This week I had plans, I had a story idea which would cover a couple of memes, some photo ideas, and another post I wanted to write up for International Women’s Day, none of which I’ve done. I’ve spent the last few days wrapped up with the heater on and I was still cold. I haven’t had much sleep, and I just haven’t been able to do much of anything. Today I slept for a couple of hours, had a proper dinner and I feel OK, up to writing something anyway.

So my week has been wogeous, the weather has been cat, my plans have been banjaxed and I’ve made a hames of everything I’ve started. Now I’m feeling OK I need to cop onto myself and stop acting the maggot. Sure it’ll be grand! Bye. B-bye, bye, bye, bye, bye. (how every Irish person ends a phone call)

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