Missing Him

A very short piece for Masturbation Monday and Horny Hour.

Horn Hour Prompt #15 Your prompt this week is:


That whisper of noise from the turning of a page. The soft dragging sound as a finger runs down a piece of paper. The slap of skin on skin. The squeak of two bodies rubbing together. The wet sounds of a cunt being fingered.

I don’t mean the literal sound of paper, although I do find book shops and libraries can be kind of sexy, and if you want to go that way feel free. We all know sex can be as noisy or as quiet as we want but what about those noises that are just whispers of sound. The almost silent music of our lives.

What do you hear during sex? During the moments when you are lost to all reason, and floating on a sea of sensation? When you’re senses seem heightened and you notice; the taste of salt on your lips, the feel of the sheet in your fists, the hot heady smell of arousal, the sound of…

Masturbation Monday Prompt #80

Masturbation Monday: Week 80

She misses him.

She can almost feel him there, standing behind her, almost. She can almost feel his hand sliding up her leg, the whisper of his skin on her stockinged thigh as he finds the soft skin above the fabric, his fingers sliding along her slit, digging into her hot, wet cunt, almost. She can almost hear his voice, whispering in her ear, telling her what he’s going to do, calling her his dirty, little slut, almost.

She misses his hands, his touch, how he makes her feel. She misses him, the taste and smell of him, of them, together. She misses the sounds of their fucking, gasps, moans, cries. The heat and wet, the slap of his hand on her skin, in her hair, around her throat.

The last of her bruises and marks faded days and weeks ago, she craves more, craves the sound of him taking off his belt, dropping it onto her back, or the bed beside her, craves the feeling of the cold leather as he trails it across her skin, its hot, stinging kiss.

She misses all of this, and more. She misses him.

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