Butt Me No Butts

Some of you may know I’ve designated April as ‘Arse Appreciation April’.

I have issues regarding my arse. I don’t like the way it looks. It’s too small, I rarely wear jeans because they fall down, I have a problem finding knickers to fit, they’re usually either too small or too big (I have the same problem with bras and shoes – it’s hard being an in-between size). I’d love a curvy, shapely backside, unfortunately I don’t have one. I have no intention of ever having surgery of any sort but I have thought about getting it lifted, or filled, something, anything so it has some shape! And it’s spotty, which can really show up in photos.

On the plus side, Sir likes it, I like having it stroked, squeezed, spanked, slapped and caned so it’s not all bad.

The idea of spending a month taking photos of my arse doesn’t really appeal to me, but I have decided that I need to try and love it a little bit. Hopefully by the end of April I’ll feel better about it 😀

And it doesn’t look too bad in this one.


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