Books and Reading

Wicked Wednesday #24

Prompt #199

Books… what do they mean to you? Do you like going to the library? How many books do you own? Do you have any recommendations of books others should read? Come on, share your passion (or non-passion) for books…
Just a note: you can promote books here, even your own book, but the rule of no excerpts still apply.

For as long as I can remember books have been my refuge from the real world. The world where nobody understood me, the world that I didn’t feel I belonged in. I read less now than I used to but I can still get through a couple of books a week, depending on length. At one point I did nothing but read, one book a day for a few months. Sometimes I’d have three or four on the go, switching between them as my mood changed. I’ve never counted how many books I have, a couple of hundred I suppose, fiction and non-fiction.

I read everything (almost). I love Terry Pratchett, Steven King, Joe Abercrombie, Steven Erikson, Mark Billingham, Stuart MacBride, A.S Byatt, Magaret Atwood and far too many more to mention.

On the non-fiction side, I mainly read mythology and archaeology. I also read psychology, philosophy, science, history, biographies. I have books on the evolution of the English language, art history, crafts. My other weakness is for maps, I love looking at old maps and comparing them with new.

My local library is very small so I don’t go there anymore, the selection isn’t great. I love bookshops, new and second-hand. There is nothing that compares to the smell and feel of a real book. I’ve tried e-readers but I just can’t get into a book using one, so I’ll stick to the real thing.

I’m trying to finish writing, but four years down I don’t know if I’ll ever finish my books.

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13 thoughts on “Books and Reading

  1. I used to read a lot, but ever since I started writing, I read a lot less. Sometimes I don’t even get to reading anymore, which had me starting to listen to audio books on my way to work and back. That satisfied my need to read more books 🙂

    Rebel xox

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  2. MAPS!!!! I am so with you on maps. Michael thinks I am bonkers because I have even asked for OS maps for certain areas for my birthday which makes him shake his head in bemusement. I love books too, as a child they were my refuge and that continued into adulthood but now I find myself short of time and I don’t read as much as I used to but I do always have a book on the go.


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  3. I genuinely can’t wrap my ahead around the statement “I don’t have time to read, now that I’m a mom,” which I hear so often. If I didn’t escape into books, I don’t know how I’d hey get through the day as a mom most days. I need books like I need oxygen.

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  4. Yes totally with you on “the smell and feel of a real book” . . . and also know what you mean about the difficulty in finishing writing. (I haven’t published any new diaries for several years now, though I still scribble notes of new sessions and liaisons! LOL!!!) But, I hope you do finish!!!
    Xxx – K

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