Mind Fuck

Food For Thought Friday #15 – Impure Thoughts.

Erogenous zones: boobs, cock, pussy/cunt, clit. All fairly obvious, all enjoy physical stimulation. But what about that other erogenous zone, the one between our ears?

When it comes to truly enjoying sex, how important is it for your mind to be stimulated as well as your body? What are the ways in which you enjoy you partner (or yourself) stimulating your mind?

Ha, considering I suggested this topic, now I feel as if I shouldn’t be writing about it.

But fuck it. Short and sweet.

My mind has always been the place that needs stimulating more than anything else. It’s why I’d rather read a story than watch a film, it’s far easier to imagine myself in the words. It’s why I always fantasised while masturbating, changing the story each time to suit. It’s why I write.

And having someone who knows how to tap into that, which buttons to press, for me, is the best stimulation possible.


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